Aeromexico Seat Selection – Let You Choose Your Seat Easily?

Aeromexico Seat Selection

A Quick Guide to Aeromexico Seat Selection

Are you traveling with Aeromexico Airlines and want seats of your choice? No worries. With Aeromexico seat selection policy, you can choose seats at your convenience. Moreover, when you fly on your favorite seat, the trip’s delight increases.

Also, you can choose from different seat types on Aeromexico flights. So, are you looking forward to booking your tickets with Aeromexico and also selecting the seats that you prefer? Here is an overview that provides you information about selecting seats with Aeromexico.

Can You Select Seats with Aeromexico?

Yes, with Aeromexico, you can select seats as per your pocket and preferences. Once you are done with your seat selection on Aeromexico and have paid the amount required, your seat booking will be confirmed. The best way to pick seats is to do so while booking.

What is Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy?

When traveling on an Aeromexico flight, you can choose your preferred seats. However, follow the guidelines mentioned below as per the seat selection policy of Aeromexico.

  • Aeromexico offers free seat selection for certain travel classes.
  • Travelers of the Clase Premier get complimentary seats. Otherwise, you will have to pay the Aeromexico seat selection fee to choose your desired seat on the flight.
  • Contact your travel agent if you have booked your Aeromexico flight through a third-party.
  • Pick your favorite seats by 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. In other case, Aeromexico will allocate you random seats on its flights.
  • Moreover, you can select your seats when booking flight tickets or after the Aeromexico booking confirmation.
  • Keep all these points, and choose your favorite seat without any additional effort.

How Many Seat Types are there in Aeromexico Flights?

You can choose from different seat types on Aeromexico flights. The airline understands that travelers have various comfort requirements. Also, they make bookings as per their budget. That’s why, Aeromexico offers different seating choices to pick from. However, you will have to pay an Aeromexico seat selection charge to pick your desired seat. Let’s take a look at these seating options –

Preferred Seats (Main Cabin Economy)

  • Select window or aisle seats
  • Available at the lowest prices
  • Located behind the AM Plus seats
  • Priority boarding and more legroom

Economy Plus Seats (AM Plus seats)

  • The perfect option for travelers who want something between the costliest and cheapest options
  • Offer extra legroom
  • Get priority check-in and a separate overhead bin
  • Includes baggage handling

Premier Class Seats (Clase Premier)

  • Expensive
  • Bid for an upgrade to this category
  • Benefits of Aeromexico AMPlus seats
  • Recline seats, entertainment, several free carry bags

Based on certain factors, you can also get a complimentary seat selection. 

Please note

  • Your Aeromexico basic fare seat selection is not free. And you have to pay for seat selection for every class, except business class.
  • If you pay for a seat but don’t get it, the airline refunds you.

How to Select Seats on Aeromexico?

Seat selection on Aeromexico flights is easy and quick. You can choose your favorite seats in various ways. Let’s look at each one by one –

On the App

Select or change your seat from your smartphone and save time.

Through the Official Website

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Find the Your Trip section.
  • Go to the section of Manage My Trip.
  • Enter the details required in the given fields.
  • Click on Enter.
  • Verify your details.
  • Select your seat through the Aeromexico seat map.
  • After choosing an Aeromexico seat, check its selection cost and make the payment.

The airline will email you the seat selection confirmation. Moreover, you can reserve your seat when making a flight booking. Pay the Aeromexico seat selection cost to select your seat without any hassle.

Via Web Check-In

You can also choose seats during web check-in.

  • Follow the prompts and check the seat map for availability of your preferred seats.
  • Pick the seats you want.
  • Pay the seat selection amount.

On Phone Call

  • Get in touch with the customer service agents of the airline to confirm the booking of your desired seat.
  • Give a call at the official number of the airline to connect with the live agents.
  • Share your flight details with the assigned agent and your seat preferences.
  • After that, the executives will find suitable seat options for you.
  • Get the desired seat, and fly comfortably to your destination.

At the Airport

Visit an airport and choose your seats. Go to the help center at the airport, where an executive will help you with seat selection. Pay the seat selection fee, if required.

Does Aeromexico Charge For Seat Selection?

If you know how much Aeromexico charges for seat selection, you are at the correct place.
The cost of selecting seats with Aeromexico starts at –

  • $20 for domestic flights
  • $30 for international flights

Please note: Prices are subject to change. Get connected to an Aeromexico representative for updated prices.

Can I change my seat on Aeromexico Airlines?

Yes, you can initiate the “Aeromexico Change Seats” process on the official site of the airline. Moreover, you can easily upgrade your seat by paying a specific amount. Here are the steps to change your seats on Aeromexico Airlines.

  • Firstly, go to the Aeromexico official site.
  • Now, click on the “Your Trip” option on the homepage.
  • After that, enter your ticket number and the last name.
  • Choose “Find Reservation” and view your trip details.
  • Now find out the “Change Seat Selection” option, and pick the new seat effortlessly.
  • Follow the prompts to select your seat, pay the seat fee if needed, and confirm your seat reservation quickly.

In Conclusion

So, you can easily select seats of your choice with Aeromexico. Thanks to the customer-friendly Aeromexico seat selection policy. Moreover, the processes for selecting seats are also simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab various benefits with seat selection. These benefits range from various seating choices to discounted prices. Choose your seats according to your budget, destination, and travel time. Pick your preferred seat from the seat map of Aeromexico now and enjoy your trip.

Aeromexico Seat Selection – Let You Choose Your Seat Easily?