Manage Booking

Your one-stop platform to manage all your bookings!

Do you have a booking with an airline and want to make desired changes to it? Well, planning a trip can be easy, but managing it may seem daunting to some travelers. But with us, you can manage your booking at your fingertips. Whether you want to select your seats or change your flights, you can easily modify your existing reservation. We allow you to manage your booking with any of the major airlines. 

One of the major concerns after making a booking is managing it. From customizing your booking to managing your existing itinerary, one can effortlessly make any kind of changes. Sort out your preferences, and modify your booking to enhance your travel experience. Moreover, we are one of the most reliable online travel portals for making a booking and modifying it. 

Modify your booking with no extra effort!

Booking and managing with us is a simple and convenient process. Share your flight details with us, and Flightyo retrieve your current booking. We help you-

  • Cancel a booking
  • Select a seat
  • Change the current flight date, time, or route
  • Upgrade the seat
  • Add a special meal in advance 
  • Request a special service
  • Get extra baggage allowance
  • Request a refund
  • Check-in for flight
  • Get the booking receipt

For any changes related to your current booking, call us without thinking twice. We will help you plan your itinerary as per your likings. Call us, and enjoy the best services.