How do I Plan a Group Travel with Air Canada?

Air Canada Group Travel

If you are planning a group travel with your folks, then plan your trip with Air Canada. With the Air Canada group travel option, you can easily plan a group travel with your family, friends, or colleagues. The group travel option is available for groups of 10 or more passengers who are flying to the same destination on the same flight and on the same date.

Air Canada offers various benefits to flyers who are planning their group travel with the airline, including low fares, extra baggage, etc. So, go ahead and plan a group trip with this great airline to collect some memorable moments in the air.

Below are the details of the group travel program of Air Canada.

What is the group travel policy of Air Canada?

Before booking group travel on Air Canada, you must learn about the associated rules. Make sure to check out the Air Canada group rates and book your tickets within your budget. Here are the important points related to the airline’s group travel policy.

  • The group travel option is available for passengers flying in a group of 10 or more.
  • All the passengers in the group must fly to the same destination on the same flight and on the same date.
  • Group travel is also available for passengers who are traveling from different origins to the same destination. They can use the Meetings and Events travel services to book their trip.
  • If you book Air Canada group flights, you are eligible for various benefits and perks, such as free advanced seating, discounted fares, etc.
  • Air Canada also offers group packages to various destinations in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Request a group quote from the airline, and get your group booking done with much ease.

All these are important points related to the airline’s group travel policy. Read all these points carefully, and plan a group trip without any hassle.

How do I book a group travel with Air Canada?

Ready to make Air Canada group bookings? You can book directly with the airline or contact the travel agent. The airline offers multiple ways to make a group booking. Use any of the following ways to book your group travel and travel smoothly with your loved ones.

Online method

  • Go to the Air Canada official site.
  • Navigate to the “Group Travel Request” page.
  • The group travel request form will open on your screen where you have to enter all your necessary details.
  • You need to add the following information-
    • Your first and last name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Number of passengers
    • Departure and arrival destinations
    • Date of travel
    • Preferred travel class
    • Any additional requests or information
  • After adding all this information, click on the “Submit” icon.

Once you follow all these steps, one of the airline’s group travel specialists will connect with you within 24 hours through email.

Offline method

  • You can also make the group booking by calling the Air Canada group travel phone number.
  • Connect with the reservations desk and avail yourself of expert assistance with the group booking process.
  • Follow the automated IVR prompts on the call.
  • Choose the option that says group booking.
  • You can also choose to get the agent on the call directly.
  • Share your priorities with the assigned executive.
  • After that, he will quote you the price for the group trip.
  • Now, you have to share the details of all your flyers.
  • Listen to his instructions and complete the booking process seamlessly.

You must ask about the Air Canada group travel discount to save extra on your reservation. Once your group booking is completed, Air Canada will send you a confirmation email with all the important information. Keep the essential details for future reference.

What are the benefits of Air Canada group travel?

When you plan a group trip with Air Canada, you become eligible for plenty of benefits. The airline makes sure that all group travelers have the best journey of their lives. Following are the benefits that Air Canada offers to group travelers.

  • Discounted airfares

Air Canada offers affordable fares to groups. You can request a group quote up to 11 months before departure and get exceptional discounts. To book Air Canada group travel, contact the airline directly and ask about incredible deals and offers.

  • Confirm booking at a small fee

Air Canada permits you to book now and pay later. You can pay a small fee to secure your reservation. Once you are ready for the reservation, pay the entire amount to confirm your reservation. You can pay the final amount closer to the departure date.

  • One checked bag

Each member of the group can travel with one checked bag on the flight. So make a group booking, and pack your stuff without any hassle.

  • Free seat selection

Group bookings are eligible for free seat selection. Select your desired seat at any time, and make sure that your entire group sits together. Choose your seats free of cost.

  • Dedicated check-in counter

To complete the Air Canada group check in, you don’t have to put in any additional effort. There is a dedicated check-in counter at some major airports in Canada.

  • Complimentary tickets

You may be eligible to receive complimentary tickets from the airline. However, it depends upon the number of members in your group. Connect with the Air Canada representatives to know your eligibility for group travel.

Can I book group packages with Air Canada?

Yes, you can easily book group packages with Air Canada and make the most of your vacation at your dream destination. You can visit the Air Canada vacation page to book your group package easily. With this excellent airline, you can book packages to the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.

Here are the steps to book group packages on Air Canada.

  • Visit the Air Canada Vacations page.
  • Enter the required details.
  • You will fill in your contact information.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your group information.
  • Add your vacation information.
  • Mention if there is any special request.
  • Click on the “Submit” icon.
  • One of the Air Canada representatives will get back to you to assist you with the group package booking process.

Air Canada offers themed vacation packages; choose the package you want to book easily and have an unforgettable journey.

Final words

In conclusion, Air Canada group travel is a beneficial program that allows groups to travel affordably to their destinations. If you are a group of 10 or more, you must choose Air Canada as your travel companion. Either visit the official site or contact the airline agents to make a group reservation with this great airline. Request a group quote and make a group booking at discounted airfares.

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