How To Find and Use American Airlines Promo Codes


Are you planning to fly on an American Airlines flight? But you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Worry not. There are American Airlines Promo Codes for your convenience so that you spend less on your journey and can have more money for your trip.

To make your ticket booking a breeze with promo codes, the flexibility of the airline helps you. Also, if you are traveling in a group, promo codes help you cut some costs incurred on booking several tickets. So, before purchasing your flight tickets, grab promo codes. But how would you get those? Scroll down. We have done some work on it for you.

How to Find American Airlines Promo Codes?

You can find AA Promo Codes on the official website of American Airlines. For exclusive codes, check the mobile app as well. If you are flying with an AA flight and want a promo code to save some bucks on your trip, you must visit its section, where promo codes and other deals are listed.

You can also subscribe to their updates or join the loyalty program to get the latest coupons or promo codes in your inbox. Using these, you can book your escape within your budget limit. You can use these promo codes according to different aspects that must be considered.

For instance, the discount percentage on a coupon code depends on the travel class you have chosen. The higher the fare, the more the coupon discount.

How to Use an American Airlines Promo Code?

So, you have an AA promo code and want to redeem it while purchasing your next flight ticket with American Airlines. To make things easy for you, here are simple steps to use your American Airlines Promo Code –

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on the booking section.
  • Enter the booking details.
  • Manage your booking –
    • Select the booking fee.
    • Book your flight ticket with a promo code.
  • To book your flight ticket with a promo code, click the link – Apply promo code.
  • In the box that appears, mention your promo code.
  • Proceed to complete the payment.

Please note –

  • AA promo codes can be redeemed when booking your ticket with AA flights directly.
  • You can’t redeem an AA promo code when purchasing a ticket with any other airline.

Which are American Airlines Promo Code 2022?

The American is offering more than 30 promo codes to its potential passengers. You can avail of myriad benefits of flying on AA flights with these promo codes.

So, look at some of the American Airlines Promo Codes areas according to the selection criteria of 2022 –

  • Flat discount of USD 125
  • Bonus Miles
  • 100,000 points
  • Veteran Advantage Members
  • Avis and Budget car rentals (only for members)
  • Latest travel deals
  • Free baggage

Please note that –

  • Students can also find and avail of AA promo codes.
  • There are almost 28 active promo and discount codes that American Airlines is offering.

So, use these promo codes to book your trips and fly more as you pay less on your flights with AA. thereby, you can save big on your airfare to famous destinations.

For more details about American Airlines Promo Code 2022, dial 800-433-7300.

What are the Rules to Use American Airlines Flight Promo Code?

You have grabbed a promo code from AA and are super excited to use it. But wait. Do you know there are certain rules for these little codes of joy?

Here are the rules to follow –

  • You can apply promo codes only on American Airlines and American Eagle flights.
  • Once a promo code is selected and added to the purchase box, you must complete the booking immediately. It can’t be put on hold.
  • Travel to your much-loved places with the validated vacation promo codes.
  • No restrictions on minimum and maximum stay.
  • At least one passenger and a maximum of 6 passengers can go for an American Airlines booking with an AA promo code.
  • There is no base fare for it, and can be applied to all the travel classes.
  • Usually, a 10% discount is offered on the original airfare. Confirm with American Airlines beforehand if you want to buy another one from an OTA.

Please note that these promo codes are sometimes reusable after purchasing American Airlines tickets. You shell out less amount from your pockets while making an AA reservation with a promo code.

Therefore, the American assures the lowest flight fares with its promo codes. You can avail of the best discounts with these American Airlines Promo Codes.

How To Find and Use American Airlines Promo Codes