British Airways Missed Flight Policy

British Airways Missed Flight

It will be frustrating when you are ready to catch your BA flights but fail to board due to sudden schedule changes. So, to safeguard your booking from last-minute cancellations, you should learn the British Airways Missed Flight policy.

The airline may allow you to make a rescheduled request if you miss your flight due to a traffic jam, medical emergency, or any other reason. However, the refund layout will solely depend on the reason you missed your BA flight.

What Is The BA Missed Flight Policy?

You can easily count on the miss flight policy of British Airways if you fail to board your flight. To keep yourself safe, you need to have a look at the following key highlights of the policy:

  • You do not get any compensation or refund if you miss your flight due to controllable factors. In such scenarios, the airline will treat your booking as a no-show.
  • When you miss your BA flight due to operational failures or overbooking, you are eligible for a free rescheduling facility.
  • If you miss your connecting flight due to flight delays, the airline will rebook your journey to the next available flight.
  • Your flight must be delayed for three or more hours to qualify for a free rebooking facility. However, if your connecting flight is operated by another airline, BA will not be liable for the loss.
  • The same-day flight booking facility is open to all. If you fail to board your flight, you can reschedule your booking to the next date.
  • Premium passengers have a limited free rescheduling window on the same day of departure. Use this opportunity to avoid paying the whole airfare as no-show fees.
  • The airline will not compensate you if you cancel your booking. In such situations, the airline will apply a no-show policy and forfeit your booking value.

What Happens If You Miss A Flight On British Airways?

The airline knows no one will ever look to miss their flight journey intentionally. To give them a unique chance, the airline offers free rescheduling facilities on many routes. BA will try their best to get you the best alternative. However, if you still miss your flight, you must connect with the concerned department immediately. Ask the agent to finalize your booking according to your schedule.

What Are The Options Available When You Miss Your Flight?

You will need to take the following actions if you unfortunately miss your flight with British Airways.

On The Way To The Departure Airport

  • Call the British customer service representative at 1-800-247-9297.
  • Communicate your concerns and ask them for other booking alternatives.
  • The agent will examine your booking type and the reason that made you miss your flight.
  • You will get compensation only if the flight delays made by BA caused you to miss your flights.

At the Departure Airport

  • If you reach the airport but are still missing a flight due to any reason may get your booking under the no-show clause.
  • Reach the customer service desk and request the agent to look for other options.
  • If you miss your flight due to uncontrollable factors, you can rebook your journey at no additional cost.

Please Note

These above options are only available if BA makes the bookings. The team will not entertain bookings made by third-party agents. Contact them individually to solve your concerns.

How To Rebook A Missed Flight With British Airways?

You can rebook your journey through the discussed methods. Choose the one at your convenience and make changes to the flight schedule. If you request rescheduling of your flight through offline channels, you may need to pay service fees in addition to other charges.

Via Helpdesk

  • You will need to head to the flight change department and ask them to rebook your flights.
  • The assigned agent will check your booking eligibility, and if your booking qualifies, you can rebook your flight.

Via Website/Mobile App

  • Launch the BA app or website(
  • Complete the login process by inputting
    • Username
    • Password
  • Visit the Manage My Trip section.
  • Use the booking code and your family name to select your trip.
  • Look for the reschedule option.
  • Follow instructions and reschedule your flight journey.
  • Pay applicable fees.

Customer Service Number

  • Dial 1-800-247-9297 or any official number operated in your location.
  • Follow IVR and get connected to the available agent.
  • The team will review your fare category.
  • If your booking qualifies, the agent will initiate the rescheduling facility.
  • Share all requested information.
  • In the end, make payment of the required fees to confirm your response.

Do I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Flight?

No. You will need to pay up to 100% of your booking amount as British Airways missed flight fees. The only exception to no-show fees is the delay caused by the airline or they cancel your booking without notifying you. However, if you miss your flight due to medical emergencies, you can communicate with the customer service team to secure a refund. To do this, you will need to share your booking credentials and health reports. BA will review your request, and if you qualify, you will receive a refund within 30 business days.


British Airways compensate you only if they cause a delay. So, if you are missing your flight on your own, make sure to reach the customer service team as soon as you can. They are the last and best option to secure yourself from paying no-show fees. Connect with them for further assistance.

British Airways Missed Flight Policy