Want to have an extraordinary experience above the clouds with JetBlue Airlines? Choose your seats in advance and embark on the journey of your preferences. Whether you seek a window seat for captivating views or an aisle one for freedom of
movement, JetBlue seat selection offers different options for you. Each seat on the flight has been designed while keeping your convenience in mind. Fly with JetBlue, where every seat is your gateway to personalized
adventure and comfort. From extra legroom to lie-flat seats, you can select the suitable seat as per your preferences and budget. With the right seat for your journey, you will land refreshed at your destination. Need more information
regarding the seat selection procedure of JetBlue? Read this blog carefully!

What is JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

The seat selection policy of JetBlue is very simple, and you can reserve your desired seat with ease. If you want to ensure the most comfortable trip, you must opt to choose your seat in advance. Some of the important points related to the
JetBlue Airlines seat selection policy are stated below.

  • Firstly, you must know there will be an applicable JetBlue seat selection fee for booking your seat.
  • Moreover, you can reserve your seats while booking tickets or after confirming your reservation.
  • To reserve your seat after making a booking, you must access the “Manage Booking” section.
  • With JetBlue, flyers have various seating options like basic seats, Even More Space seats, etc.
  • JetBlue’s Even More Space seats are the most comfortable seats. These seats have extra legroom, and you can stretch your legs completely.
  • For codeshare flights, seat assignments are not available.
  • The “JetBlue select seats” process is simple, and you will fly comfortably after selecting the seat.

How to Book Seats on JetBlue?

Want to reserve your desired seat in advance while flying with JetBlue? Well, you can confirm your seat reservation without any effort. You can choose your seats in the following ways-

While booking flight tickets

  • You must go to the confirmation page to reserve your seats while purchasing your tickets.
  • Enter your preferences in the search engine, and look for available flights.
  • Once you select a suitable flight, proceed to pay for the flight.
  • You will see the “JetBlue Airways seat selection” option on the confirmation page.
  • Click on it, and check out the seat map.
  • Choose the available seat to fly hassle-free to your destination.

After booking flight tickets

  • Flyers can even choose their desired seat after confirming their flight bookings.
  • For this, they have to go to the JetBlue official site.
  • After opening the homepage, click on the “Manage Trips” option.
  • To retrieve your current booking, you need to add your confirmation code and last name.
  • Lastly, select “Continue” and access your booking details.
  • Find out the seat selection option, and check out available seats.
  • If you have chosen the seat in Blue Basic, pay the JetBlue Blue Basic seat selection fee to confirm your purchase.

You can also call on the airline’s phone number to avail immediate assistance regarding the seat selection procedure. The airline agents will help you book your desired seats seamlessly.

How to Reserve Extra Seats on JetBlue?

Are you carrying a large musical instrument with you on the flight? You can book an extra seat for yourself within a couple of clicks only. If you are seeking more physical distance from your fellow travelers, choose extra seats. Let’s
check out the important guidelines for reserving extra seats on JetBlue flights.

  • Follow the normal booking instructions to opt for JetBlue seat selection for an extra seat.
  • Just make a booking for one extra person.
  • Include the number of extra seats you need on the flight.
  • From the search results, choose your desired flight.
  • Continue to the further page, and add the details of the first traveler. Moreover, you have to enter other travelers’ information as well.
  • Choose “This is an empty seat” for other included flyers.
  • Once you select this option, you must indicate which traveler will sit next to the empty seat. Select seat JetBlue for a smooth journey.
  • If there is a musical instrument, you have to choose the appropriate option for that also.
  • Proceed further for the seat selection; pick your seats, including the extra seats.

Flyers can select the extra seat in front of them, next to them, or behind them.

What are the benefits of Even More Space seats?

Want extra benefits on JetBlue flights? You must choose Even More Space seats. One can select preferred seats after making a JetBlue booking. These seats have 7” more legroom, and you can completely stretch your legs for extra comfort.
Moreover, you will have boarding priority. Some benefits of Even More Space seats are-

  • More legroom
  • Early boarding
  • Early access to overhead bins
  • More speed – priority through the security checkpoint

Wrapping up

I hope now you know all everything about the seat selection policy of JetBlue. However, if you have any doubts, contact the airline over the call. Contact JetBlue en Espanol for availing assistance in the Spanish language.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select my seat on JetBlue?

Yes, you can choose your seat through the “My Trips” section on the official website’s homepage.

Does Delta let you pick your seat for free?

You will have to pay an applicable fee to pick your seat in advance for your journey. The fee depends upon your fare type.

Am I guaranteed a seat with basic economy Delta?

Basic Economy passengers are not eligible for seat selection. They will get random seats at check-in. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will sit together with your family.

Do you get to pick your seats on Delta Airlines main cabin?

You can easily pick your seat in advance for more peace of mind while soaring through clouds.

What is the best seat on Delta?

The highest level of service on Delta Airlines is Delta One. The seats of this travel class feature flat-bed seats, where you can relax.

How Can I Choose My Flight Seat On JetBlue Airways?