What Happens If I Missed Flight on American Airlines?


Missed your American Airlines flight? There is no need to worry, as the airline has a simple policy that lets you rebook your flight tickets to your destination. With the American Airlines missed flight service, you have the flexibility you need for your air travel. The policy has some standby rules that let you catch the next possible flight without any extra charges.

So, if you are unable to catch the flight with American Airlines, you have other options. Moreover, the airline rebooks you or provides you with a refund if you miss your flight because of its fault. Read out the following blog for all the details of the airline’s missed flight policy.

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy – Important Things to Remember!

If you have missed your flight somehow, American Airlines Missed Flight Policy allows you a 15-minute rebooking. However, you have to rebook a flight before or after 15 minutes of your flight departure. However, it will be considered a no-show condition if you are late for the rebooking. Please note that your catching the next flight depends on the availability of seats and the fact that you didn’t miss your flight intentionally. According to the missed flight policy, as AA has devised, another flight is booked for you if you miss your original flight. Your bags will also be rerouted when you check in on your rebooked flight. So, let’s take a look at the policy highlights for missed flight American Airlines-

  • Most domestic flights of AA have 45 minutes’ check-in cut-off before departure.
  • If you reach the airport late and within 2 hours of your flight’s departure, you will be on standby for the next flight. Moreover, you won’t be charged anything for it.
  • However, once your bags are checked-in, there is no standby option. But you can get it if you have an AAdvantage elite status.
  • the airline provides you with the next flight if you reached the airport too late to check in or after a few minutes of the flight’s departure.

What to do After Missing an American Airlines Flight?

Did you miss your flight with AA? Fret not! There are some things that you can do to ensure flying to your destination. After missing your flight with the airline, you get various options. Let’s take a look at the possibilities of things you can do after missing your American Airlines flight.

Inform the airline

The first thing that you should do after missing your flight is to get in touch with the agents of the airline. Even if you are on your way to the airport, informing in advance can really benefit you. The agent will put you on the standby list if you inform the airline on time.

Cancel the flight

Are you on your way to the airport? Do you somehow know that you will miss your flight? If that is the case, you must tend to cancel your flight reservation. American Airlines allows you to cancel your flight booking before the check-in closes. Cancel your flight and rebook another flight to your destination.

Ask for a refund

In some cases, you can also request a refund for missing the flight. If you have missed your flight because AA has delayed it, then you are eligible for a refund from the airline. Talk to the American Airlines agents in case of a missed flight, and claim your refund. The assigned representative will check your eligibility and will facilitate you wth a refund if you are eligible.

What Happens if You Miss an American Airlines Flight?

The airline understands that there are several reasons that make you miss your flight. So, on missing a flight, you can easily board the first flight the next day. However, to board a flight the next morning, there are certain criteria that you have to meet. Let’s take a glance at those pointers –

  • You can go for an American Airlines flight booking again if you have missed one by 15 minutes before/after the flight departure. However, late rebooking is considered a no-show.
  • AA also helps you fly conveniently and without extra charges if you reach the airport on time but miss the flight; AA provides you with the same new flight.
  • Did the airline’s delay or cancellation make you miss your flight? No worries! You get the next available flight rebooked.
  • You can check in for your flight 45 minutes before the departure. However, reaching late or after the departure makes the airline book a new flight for you.
  • If you have missed a connecting flight, the airline will book a new flight for you to take you to your destination.

How do I rebook the American Airlines missed flight?

Do you want to rebook an American Airlines flight? If you have missed your flight due to any reason, you must rebook it. Moreover, the process to rebook the flight is simple and easy. Here are the steps to book a new flight with the airline.

  • Firstly, visit American Airlines official site.
  • After that, click on the “Manage Trips” option on the website’s homepage.
  • Now, enter the last name of the flyer with the confirmation code.
  • Click on the “Find Your Trip” icon and view the trip details that you have missed.
  • Find out the “Rebook the Flight” option, and follow the instructions to book a new flight.
  • Enter the preferences for your new flight, and confirm your flight booking in a go.
  • Make the payment to book your flight tickets quickly.

Do I have to pay a missed flight fee on American Airlines?

No, there is no need to pay a missed flight fee if you rebook your flight within 15 minutes after the flight departure. The airline allows all passengers to rebook their flights within 15 minutes of the flight departure if they have missed their original one. No extra charges will be deducted from you.

So, there is no missed flight fee on American Airlines. However, if you are a no-show, you will not get a refund from American Airlines. In certain circumstances, you will get a refund from the airline, such as a missed flight because of the airline delay.

Can I Get an American Airlines Missed Flight Refund?

Yes, you can get an American Airlines missed flight refund if you have missed your American Airlines flight because of the airline’s delay. Moreover, there are other factors to consider while applying for a refund with AA. For this, you will first be connected with the customer service team of the airline within 24 hours of your missed flight. Thereafter, the refund is credited to the account that you used to pay for your tickets. For more details, call 1- 800-433-7300. Therefore, you can easily rebook the next flight on American if you have missed yours. So, don’t fret if you are late to reach the airport and couldn’t check in on time to board your flight. Simply count on American Airlines Missed Flight service and fly conveniently.

Wrap it up

Did you miss the AA flight? If you have missed your flight with AA, there is no need to worry. Know your rights, and book your flight tickets again. Moreover, you can even join the standby list if you inform the airline in advance about your situation. Connect with the AA representatives if you have missed your flight, and get back on track in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will American Airlines refund you if you miss your flight?

There are certain cases when you get a refund from the airline after missing the flight. One such case is when you miss a flight because of an American Airlines flight delay and cancelation.

Can I rebook my flight if I miss it American Airlines?

Yes, you can easily rebook yourself on the next available flight if you miss your American Airlines flight.

Do I need to let American Airlines know if I’m not flying?

You must connect with the airline if you will not fly with the airline. It will help you avoid the no-show policy, and you will save money.

Is it better to cancel a flight or miss it?

If you are not sure whether you will catch the flight or not, you must cancel it. By canceling a booking in advance, you can easily claim your refund. However, you may lose the entire amount of the ticket after missing the

How much does it cost to rebook a flight on American Airlines?

You will not have to pay any amount for rebooking your flight. However, an applicable fare difference will be applied to your booking.

What happens if I don’t show up for my American Airlines flight?

If you don’t show up at the airport, the airline will apply the no-show policy to your booking. You will lose the entire cost of your booking after this.

What happens after missing the American Airlines flight?

If you miss the American Airlines flight due to the flight delay, the airline will rebook you on the next flight. Moreover, you can request a refund in some special cases.

Do you get charged for missing a flight?

American Airlines will not charge any fee if you miss your flight. You can rebook for free to travel comfortably.

What Happens If I Missed Flight on American Airlines?