Does British Airways Allow Group Booking?

british airways group booking

Are you planning to explore a destination with your travel buddies? Count on British Airways Group Booking for a fun filled and seamless experience. The airline understands that traveling in a group of your loved ones is exciting and memorable. That’s why it facilitates you to travel together.

British Airways (BA) takes you to almost 250 destinations across 90 countries worldwide. Moreover, a BA trip earns you AAdvantage miles that you can redeem as per your convenience. Additionally, you can get AAdvantage status benefits.

So, before you start with the BA group travel process, know its group travel policy, benefits, etc. Through this account, you will learn how BA group travel makes your trips convenient with your family, friends, colleagues, or others to explore new destinations together.

What is British Airways Group Travel Policy?

When you are going to book your group trip tickets with BA, it is good to learn about its group travel policy. So, here are the British Airways group travel policy highlights –

  • 10 or more travelers in economy World Traveller cabin.
  • 7 or more passengers in premium economy World Traveller Plus or business Club World cabins.
  • Group reservations for trips is great for the following groups:
    • Corporate
    • Social causes/responsibility
    • Education
    • Sports
  • Also get prompt assistance and flexible price options during the reservation.

Please note

  • On British Airways, if you are in group 4, you can travel with up to 23 kg (51lb) luggage, which is the standard allowance for checked baggage.
  • Infants (kids below 2 years of age) are excluded from traveling.

How to Request a Group Booking Quote from British Airways?

With BA, you can easily raise a quotation for making your group travel reservation online and offline. Here’s how –

Online Method to Request a Group Travel Booking Quote

  • To book your group travel with BA,
  • Visit the official BA website.
  • Go to the Bookings page.
  • Fill out a Group Booking Form with details such as –
    • Travel date
    • Number of passengers
    • Group type
  • Submit the form.

The airline will send you a quotation within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can send an email at [email protected].

Offline Method to Get a Group Booking Quotation

  • Dial the British Airways group booking contact number – 1-844-209-1281.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions and follow those.
  • Once a live representative connects, raise your request.

Please note

  • Once the airline sends you a quote, call its group travel reservation team to complete your booking.
  • The airline secures your booking for 2 weeks, without any charges.

What Should I Do After Completing British Airways Group Booking?

Once you have completed your BA group trip reservation, send the airline –

  • Names of your group members
  • Advance Passenger Information (API) for each member in the group

Please note

  • Make sure to send these at least two weeks before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • For a British Airways group booking that you have made through a travel agent, names and API details must be submitted to them.

Can I Book BA Group Travel with AAdvantage?

Yes, British Airways allows you to redeem AAdvantage miles for its group travel booking.

Since you earn AAdvantage miles when traveling on BA operated and marketed flights along with its codeshare flights having affiliate airlines BA Cityflyer, Sun-Air of Scandinavia or BA Euroflyer, or oneworld carriers.

Here’s how:

  • Purchase tickets in an eligible booking code.
  • Travel through an eligible flight route.

With AAdvantage miles earned for a BA trip, you earn Loyalty Points as well that qualify for an AAdvantage status. So, you can use your American Airlines points to travel in a group with British Airways and save big.

Please note

Your flight distance and travel class determines how many miles you will earn. From October 18, 2023, your ticket cost will decide the number of miles you will earn.

What are the Benefits of British Airways Group Booking?

Your British Airways group bookings treat you with a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of those:

  • For every traveler, you can purchase tickets with a small amount as a deposit.
  • The airways assigns a committed team that takes care of your travel requirements.
  • Before British Airways tickets for group travel are issued, look for discounts you can grab. Also, change names of passengers in your group if required.
  • Get the confirmed seats without full payment.

However, the benefits might vary for passengers from different countries. Here, take a look:

For UK and Ireland based travelers

  • Flight booking at a 20% deposit
  • Inform the airline of the group members up to 2 weeks before departure.
  • You can also call –
    • UK: 0344 493 0765
    • Republic of Ireland: 015 319 039

Please note

Pay your booking balance 8 weeks before departure.

For North America based travelers

With British Airways group travel, the travelers from the USA can:

  • Purchase tickets with a deposit that starts from a $100 per passenger
  • Pay the balance amount and inform the airline who is traveling in the group 30 days before the flight’s departure.
  • If required, you can contact through:

Please note

Contact travel agents, if you have made reservations with them.

For travelers of any other country

Get in touch with your local British Airways office and request a group booking.

In Conclusion

Therefore, travel to your dream destination with your favorite people. Thanks to the flexible and customer-friendly British Airways group booking approach. Enjoy a plethora of benefits that these group bookings offer you.

Also, keep the group travel policy and processes in mind for a hassle-free experience. And why not? Traveling together is fun and BA manifolds your traveling delight with its group travel. So, have you selected the destination to visit? Add people to your group and fly with BA for an experience like never before. Book your British Airways group trip now!

Does British Airways Allow Group Booking?
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