JetBlue Vs Delta – Which One is Better For You?

JetBlue Vs Delta – Which One is Better For You

Whether you are traveling within the USA or internationally, you have the same airline options that may confuse you. If you are confused between two major airlines, which are Delta and JetBlue, then you are on the right page. We will compare JetBlue Vs Delta on various factors to help you make the right decision.

However, both these airlines are very popular, and they have their own perks. So go through this blog and compare these two airlines to make the right choice. Let’s get started!

Which Airline is Cheaper, JetBlue or Delta?

One of the first things that we consider while making a flight booking is fares. Each one of us wants to book flight tickets at low fares. Both these classes have different fare options, and choices are wide. However, when comparing Delta Vs JetBlue based on affordable fares, JetBlue clearly wins.

The fares of JetBlue are usually less expensive than Delta, and one can easily confirm their flight booking at low fares. Moreover, you will find great deals as well with JetBlue Airlines.

Jetblue Vs Delta Comparison Based on Different Factors

As you know, both these airlines are very famous among customers. These airlines offer incredible amenities to passengers for their convenience. Therefore, making a decision can be really difficult. Therefore, we are comparing these airlines based on several factors to help you find the best airline as per your preferences.

Best Low Fare Calendar Deals


Both these airlines have low-fare calendar deals to help flyers. However, when it comes to best deals, the JetBlue Best Fare Finder is unbeatable. The great airline offers incredible deals and discounts for the ease of its flyers. You can easily use this calendar to find the lowest fares for the entire month. After that, choose the date when the fares are the lowest.


While talking about the low-fare calendar of Delta Airlines, it also allows you to see the fares for the entire month. And you can select the date as per your budget. However, as mentioned, the fares of this airline are comparatively higher than JetBlue Airlines.

Based on Destinations


Delta is a clear winner when we compare JetBlue Vs Delta based on the destination of these airlines. The airline serves almost double the number of countries as JetBlue Airlines. However both airlines serve many of the same cities, but Delta Airlines operates its flights to far more destinations in total. Moreover, Delta Airlines flies to more than 300 destinations in 50 countries. Furthermore, it has a strong presence in major hubs, such as New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.


However, JetBlue Airlines usually focuses on domestic flights within the USA. Moreover, the airline operates its flights to 25 countries in total, which is half the number of Delta Airlines. So, you can say Delta wins when comparing both destinations in terms of network or destinations.

Credit Card Benefits


Delta takes the glory when comparing both these airlines based on their credit cards. Delta Airlines offers co-branded credit cards that provide you with unlimited perks and benefits. Moreover, these credit cards are offered in partnership with American Express. Cardholders of the airlines can access certain benefits, such as unfastened checked luggage, priority boarding, bonus miles, lounge access, and much more. Furthermore, Delta has various card options that suit the budget of each passenger. American Express offers three business and four personal versions of credit cards.


JetBlue Airlines also offers several credit cards in partnership with Barclays. It offers three credit cards (one business and two personal). However, all of these cards are not premium travel cards. Based on the card you purchase, you can earn Mosaic status, bonus points, and free checked bags. So, while comparing JetBlue Vs Delta credit card, Delta takes the glory.

Best in Flight Experience


There is no comparison of JetBlue Airlines when it comes to in-flight experience. JetBLue Airlines makes sure that each passenger gets the best of air travel while flying high. Therefore, it offers seatback screens on many of its flights. JetBlue’s in-flight service is not only better than Delta Airlines, but it is far better than many major airlines. With free Wi-Fi, in-flight messaging, and live TV, you can enjoy everything on the JetBlue flight.


However, Delta Airlines also offers exceptional service on the flight, but it totally depends upon the fare you have purchased. To make the most of your journey with Delta Airlines, you must choose the higher travel class. Moreover, the airline offers a seatback screen mainly on its international flights.

Seats and Legroom


If comfort is your major concern while choosing the best airline for your journey, then there is not even a competition. JetBlue Airlines clearly outshines because it is one of the most comfortable airlines in the aviation industry.

The seats of JetBlue Airlines are comfortable and have enough legroom for flyers. You can comfortably stretch your legs and land completely refreshed at your destination. On a domestic route, JetBlue offers the widest seats with several inches of extra legroom. However, the global standard is 31 inches, but JetBlue offers 34 inches of legroom.


As compared to JetBlue, Delta falls a bit short. With Delta Airlines, you will get a seat pitch of 31-32 inches. However, you can choose Delta Comfort+ for extra legroom, but you have to pay extra charges for it. Moreover, any seat of Delta is not even close to the Even More Space seating of JetBlue.

Loyalty Program


One of the best frequent flyer programs in the aviation sector is Delta Airlines. SkyMiles Delta facilitates its loyalty program members with unlimited benefits. The program provides a higher value of reward to its members than TrueBlue. Delta SkyMiles has four levels of status, which are known as Medallion. Once you get the higher level, you will earn more miles than every dollar spent on the ticket.


The TrueBlue loyalty program has two status levels, which are member and Mosaic. When you book your tickets on the official site or on the app, you will become eligible to earn 2x miles on your booking. Moreover, one of the best things about JetBlue points is that they don’t expire. But still, Delta offers more benefits to its frequent flyers.

Check out the comparison of both these major airlines, and select the one that matches your priorities.

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Which one is better in safety, JetBlue or Delta?

Both these airlines follow the safety measures equally. As one of the oldest airlines in the aviation industry, Delta Airlines takes safety initiatives very seriously. Moreover, the airline follows a sturdy protection culture and rigorous protection protocols. During COVID-19, the airline carried out all necessary safety measures, such as superior cleansing methods, social distancing, mask necessities, etc.

However, JetBlue Airlines follows a robust protection culture. Moreover, the airline always prioritizes the well-being of its flyers. JetBlue also followed strict guidelines during COVID-19 to ensure the safety of all its passengers and employees. Therefore, both these airlines equally take care of their passengers’ safety. 

Wrapping it up – Which One is Better, JetBlue or Delta?

As mentioned, both the airlines have their own perks. On some factors, Delta is good, and on others, JetBlue is better.Which airline is better depends upon your priority. However, Delta has an edge, and it provides its passengers with better services than JetBlue. You must compare these airlines on different factors and choose the one that matches your preferences.

JetBlue Vs Delta – Which One is Better For You?