How do I Select Seats on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Fee & Policy

If you have booked your seats with Frontier Airlines, the next step should be to choose your seats. Getting your favorite seat on the flight can double the joy of your journey. With the Frontier Airlines seat selection process, you can easily reserve your desired seat. Whether you want to book standard seats or comfortable seats, you have multiple seat options. Choose your seat in advance, and get ready for a delightful travel experience.

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What Are The Seating Options on Frontier Airlines?

When you travel with Frontier Airlines, you get two seating options: Standard and Stretch. Both of these seats have different benefits, and you may have to pay different prices to book these seats. Compare both standard and stretch seats, and choose the right one as per your priorities. Let’s take a look at the features of Frontier Airlines stretch seats and standard seats.

Standard seats

These seats are the basic seats, and you will have to pay a minimal fee to book these seats. Standard seats are comfortable, and you will complete your journey trouble-free. Here are the features of these seats.

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Tray tables
  • Modern design
  • Environmentally friendly

Stretch seats

If you are ready to book Frontier Airlines stretch seating, then you have made the right choice. These seats are the most comfortable seats on the flight, and you will not feel tired throughout the trip. Moreover, the design of these seats is modern, and you will feel refreshed throughout the trip. Some of the features of stretch seats are-

  • Extra legroom
  • Full comfort recline
  • Laptop friendly
  • Early boarding and de-boarding
  • Dedicated overhead bin space
  • First to get inflight service

These are the seating options available on Frontier Airlines. Book your favorite seat now to ensure a pleasant experience. However, the stretch seating options are limited, so book at the earliest.

How to Book a Seat on a Frontier Airlines Flight?

Want to confirm your seat selection to ensure a comfortable trip? One can choose their seats while making a flight booking or after it. Moreover, you can reserve your seat during the check-in procedure. Select your desired seat without any stress, and enjoy your air trip to the fullest. Here is the procedure to reserve your seats while booking or after it. Moreover, you will have to pay Frontier Airlines seat fees to confirm your seat reservation.

At the time of booking

  • Firstly, visit the official site of Frontier Airlines.
  • Follow the general booking steps, and enter your flight details in the given fields.
  • Mention your arrival & departure destinations, travel dates, number of flyers, etc.
  • After that, click on the “Search” icon to open the list of flights.
  • Select a suitable flight and proceed further.
  • Here, you will see the “Seat Selection” option. Click on it to open the seating chart of Frontier Airlines.
  • Pick your preferred seat and pay the required fee to confirm it.

After making a booking

  • Once you have completed your booking, you can reserve your seats through the manage booking option.
  • Firstly, go to the Frontier Airlines official site.
  • Find the “My Trip” option on the homepage of the website.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code.
  • Lastly, click on the “Search” option to review your flight details.
  • After that, find the “Seat Selection” option to book your seats without any hassle.

Moreover, you can speak to a live person at Frontier for seat selection and confirm your seat reservation in the snap of a finger.

During check-in

  • Frontier Airlines also lets you choose your seat during the check-in procedure.
  • Check-in opens 24 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • Click on the “Check-in” option on the homepage of the website.
  • Enter the asked information, and fetch your booking details.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the check-in in a go.
  • After that, find the “Seat Selection” option and open the seat map.
  • Choose your desired seat to fly pleasantly with the airline.

How do I select my seat offline?

Get in touch with the agents of the airline to reserve your desired seat on time. Moreover, Frontier Airlines customer service representative is available all the time to help you with your concerns. Connect with them immediately to ask about the seat selection procedure. Call the official number of the airline. One of the airline executives will connect with you. With the assigned agent, share your seat selection concern. The agent will ask for your preferences and will assist you immediately with the seat selection process.

What is the Frontier seat selection fee?

To reserve seats on Frontier Airlines, you have to pay an appropriate fee. After paying the fee, your seat booking will be completed at the earliest. Check out the following to learn about the Frontier Airlines seat selection fee.

Purchase Location Standard Seating Stretch Seating
On during booking or after confirming your reservation From $5 From $16
Web check-in From $7 From $18
Call Center From $16 From $56
Airport ticket counter or kiosk From $16 From $56

Frontier Airlines has seats of different types, and you can choose the required seat as per your preferences. You can also book Frontier Airlines seats for large passengers if needed.

Traveling With Children? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Are you flying with a child of 13 years or younger? Well, Frontier Airlines guarantees to provide the adjacent seat with your child. Mooever, there is no need to pay additional charges for the same. Furthermore, this is for all fare types. However, there are certain conditions that should be met. Book a flight on Frontier now and have a trouble-free experience. Here are some conditions to get adjacent to the kid.

  • You and the kid must be on the same reservation.
  • Moreover, adjacent seats should be chosen at the time of booking.
  • Book them for free while making a flight booking.
  • Once you choose the seat assignment, it will not be cancelled.

Frontier will only provide adjacent seats if available at the time of reservation. Moreover, if you don’t choose Frontier Airlines plane seating in advance, you will get random seats on the flight.

Does Frontier assign seats for free?

As you know, Frontier Airlines charges a certain fee when you select your seat in advance. However, there are certain ways to get free seats on the airline. Here’s find out how!

Get random seat selection

If you wish to avoid paying this specific fee, you must avoid selecting your seat in advance. When you don’t choose your seat in advance, Frontier Airlines will assign you a random seat on the flight. However, there is no guarantee that you will get to sit with your companion.

Collect Frontier Miles

Frontier Airlines allows you to purchase miles when you purchase flight tickets with it. Join the frequent flyer program of the airline, and start earning Frontier miles everytime you book tickets. These earned miles permit you to book your favorite seat for free. So be a member of the airline’s frequent flyer program now, and collect miles for free seat selection on Frontier Airlines.

Earn an elite status

Passengers with elite status have the option to reserve their favorite seats on the flight without any additional charges.

  • If you have Frontier Elite 20K status, you can get a free seat on the flight. You will get stretch seating during check-in for free.
  • Passengers with Elite 50K or Elite 100K status will get free stretch seating when purchasing flight tickets.

Get elite status with Frontier Airlines, and reserve your seat for free on the flight.

Use the Frontier Airlines card credits

If you have an American Express card, you can use its credits to book free seats on the flight. To use your credits for the free seat selection, you must connect with the airline’s executives. The assigned agent will explain the rules for using these credits. Use your credits and book your desired seat without any additional charges.

With all these ways, you are ensured to book your seat for free on the Frontier Airlines flight. Reserve your seat, and travel comfortably to your destination.

Can I bring a car seat on the flight?

Yes, you can bring a car seat on the flight if you are flying with a little one. Using the car seat on the flight is the safest way to travel with kids. Therefore, Frontier Airlines recommends you bring a car seat on the flight. Make sure that car seats are pre-approved with FAA labels. If there is no label, the car seat will be checked-in. Complete the procedure for the Frontier Airlines car seat check, and bring the car seat conveniently.

  • Moreover, these car seats are not allowed to be placed in the first row or exit row.
  • You should place car seats in window seats so they don’t hamper other passengers.
  • Flyers can also use the booster seat on the Frontier Airlines flight.
  • However, these seats can’t be used during take-off and landings.

Is it worth it to pay for seat selection on Frontier?

Yes, it is definitely worth paying for the seat selection of Frontier Airlines. When you choose your seat in advance, you are ensured to complete your journey comfortably. However, you can also select your seat for free in certain ways. Check out the ways mentioned above and reserve your seats for free.

Choose your favorite seat in advance, especially if you are traveling with companions. With the random seat selection, you may not get to sit with your travel partner.

Wrapping it up

Selecting a seat on the flight is really important to ensure a pleasurable journey in the air. Moreover, you can reserve your seat when booking flight tickets or after confirming your flight reservation. Whether standard or stretch, you can easily book the seat you want for your journey. So, visit the official site and choose your desired seat now. You can also get in touch with the agents of Frontier Airlines to avail assistance regarding the seat reservation process.

How do I Select Seats on Frontier Airlines?