Does JetBlue offers Group Travel Discounts?

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Ever tried to plan a trip with your pals? It’s undeniable that the multiple planning emails, hotel wish lists, and itinerary details can make the whole planning process a bit overwhelming. That’s where JetBlue Group Travel comes into the frame.

The airline understands the hassle of making a well-designed itinerary and offers an effortless group booking facility to calm you down. Furthermore, JetBlue also offers eye-popping deals and discounts on group bookings, so you save a few dollars and utilize them elsewhere. Look no further and opt for JetBlue group booking for hassle-free travel.

JetBlue Group Travel – Important Things to Know

Before heading toward the JetBlue Airways Group Travel, let’s map out some important terms and conditions to avoid any last-minute hassle.

  • Travelers can opt for Group Travel when booking flights for families and groups of 10 people or more traveling on the same flight and itinerary.
  • Fare quotes are valid for up to two weeks when making reservations 120 days or more from scheduled departure. However, the quotes depend on the dates of travel.
  • Those booking a group of 8-9 travelers must contact the JetBlue Group Travel Phone Number for further assistance.
  • Suppose you are booking as a family or small groups of less than 8 members. In that case, it’s advised to make reservations online by creating multiple bookings of up to seven people simultaneously.
  • The airline doesn’t allow the cancelation of seats after making a security deposit. The withdrawal of bookings will result in forfeiture of all the money paid.
  • Passengers can hold the seats with a non-refundable deposit of $50 per seat until a month before scheduled departure. The time limit is 60 days for international bookings within North and South America.
  • You must pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 per seat for transatlantic bookings.
  • Remember that JetBlue Airlines doesn’t offer a group travel discount or honor lower fares on group reservations.
  • Individuals in group bookings cannot check in online, through the app, or via an airport kiosk. They must visit the airport and move to the ticket counters to complete check-in.
  • Final payments must be made 30 days before flight departure for domestic travel and 60 days for international and transatlantic travel.
  • Payments for JetBlue Group Travel must be collected in US dollars only.
  • Passengers can use the major credit and debit cards, personal checks, money orders, and agency checks to complete the payment.
  • Once you have made the final payment, the itinerary will get ticketed, and your group will be allowed to deviate up to 20% of the total group size. New travel dates are permitted two weeks before or after the scheduled departure. Besides, all deviations must be requested by the group leader (the person who booked the JetBlue group tickets).

How to Book JetBlue Group Tickets?

JetBlue offers special perks for groups of 10 or more – after all, it’s fun traveling together. Whether flying with a sports team, colleagues, or a church group, you can rest assured with the airline’s group travel policy.

Here’s how to make JetBlue Airlines bookings and make the most of group sales.

For Travel Within the Next 60 Days

  • If you are traveling within the next 60 days or 2 months, don’t wait further and connect with the JetBlue Group desks at 1-888-JETBLUE (538-2583), option 2. (Choose option 3 for incentive groups and meeting travel).
  • The customer care representatives will be available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST. Connect them within the available hours and ask quote for your next JetBlue group travel booking.

For At Least 2 Months in Advance

  • Early planning is always beneficial, especially if you are traveling with groups.
  • Those planning to fly with a group of 10 or more members at least 2 months or 60 days in advance must fill out the form available on the official airline’s website.
  • Ensure to put the correct details and submit the request immediately. The booking agent will review your request and share the quote within the next few business days. Why wait? Choose JetBlue Airlines now and make Group Travel Bookings without thinking twice.

Be mindful that submitting a form doesn’t guarantee bookings. A group leader must have to accept the quote and pay the non-refundable deposit to hold the seats. The airline may cancel the reservation without notice if the group leader doesn’t make the final payment by the due date.

Wrapping Up

Are you traveling with 10+ people? Opt for JetBlue Group Travel bookings and enjoy a pleasurable journey with the airline. JetBlue assures you to go the extra mile to provide the best possible fares and an exceptional flying experience. So, what’s stopping you now? Connect with the airline’s Group Desk, share your group and itinerary details, and receive a customized group fare quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make name changes on JetBlue group tickets?

Yes. You must pay a fee of $100 per name. Also, it should be done at least 72 hours before the departure.

Q. How much is the Hold Fee for JetBlue Group Travel?

The hold fee is $50 per person for flights within North and South America and $150 for transatlantic flights.

Q. Can I cancel the JetBlue Group Booking?

Yes, you can cancel bookings within 30 days of the flight departure for domestic and 60 days for international flights.

Q. What is the change fee for JetBlue group tickets?

The change fee is $135 per person, along with fare differences, if any.

Q. Can I add more persons to the group after making reservations?

Yes, you can. But the addition will be made at the current date, and the payment is required at the time of booking.

Q. Should I call the JetBlue Group Desk on Weekends?

No. The customer care representatives at JetBlue Group Desks are available from Monday through Friday and not on weekends.

Q. Where should I contact if I travel with 8-9 members?

Those traveling with 8-9 members can use the TTY/ TTD number 1-800-336-5530 and ask for the group quote and further assistance.

Does JetBlue offers Group Travel Discounts?