Does Air China Allow Name Changes?

China Airlines Name Change Policy

Changing the name on the flight ticket is a common need. Whether it is due to typing errors, divorce, marriage, or personal preferences, passengers may need to change their names on flight tickets. Considering this, China Airlines offers a comprehensive name change policy. With the China Airlines name change process, you can make name changes or name corrections without any hassle.

Your name on the ticket must be identical to the name on the passport to comply with Air Security rules. If you want to make a correction to your name on the China Airlines ticket, you can do it. However, you should explore the guidelines to make the process seamless. So, let’s proceed further and learn more about the airline’s name change policy and process.

Can I change a name with China Airlines?

Yes, you can change your name on China Airlines after confirming your flight booking. For this, you need to pay the name change fee or purchase a new ticket. However, you should go through the China Airlines name change policy to ensure a smooth experience. Read along to learn the details of the airline’s name change policy.

What changes are allowed in your name?

If you are traveling with China Airlines, you are going to have the best journey of your life. The airline gives you the utmost flexibility for a seamless travel experience. If you erroneously enter a wrong name, you can change it easily. Here are some of the changes that you can easily apply to your name.

  • Modification in the first name up to 4 characters
  • Title modification up to 4 letters
  • Changes in the last name up to 2 letters
  • Changing the first name with the last name and vice versa (the title and the spellings must be the same)
  • Adding or deleting the middle name (without any limitations on the number of characters)

You will have to show a valid passport for validation. Change your name on China Airlines, and have a pleasant trip to your dream destination.

What is the China Airlines name change policy?

Before requesting the name change on China Airlines, you should check out the policy in advance. The airline has laid down a specific policy for your ease. Here are the important points related to the airline’s name change policy.

  • There are two scenarios for changing your name after confirming your booking. You may either have to pay the name change fee or purchase a new flight ticket.
  • With China Airlines, you can change the name on the ticket by contacting the airline agents.
  • You can make changes to your name only once.
  • Moreover, you can only change one thing at a time. For example, if you are correcting mistakes in the first name, you can change your last name.
  • If you don’t need to create a new booking, you will have to pay a specific fee to request the name change.
  • When creating a new reservation, if your original booking class is not available, you can request the higher booking class. However, the fare difference will be applied.
  • You can only change your name if you have booked your ticket directly through the airline.
  • If you purchase your ticket through the travel agent, you need to contact them for name modification.

Keep all these points in mind, and make China Airlines name correction without any additional effort.

How to change the name on a China Airlines ticket?

Did you mistakenly enter the wrong name when booking tickets with China Airlines? There is no need to worry, as the airline has a simple policy that lets you change your name with ease. Follow the methods mentioned below to make name corrections conveniently.

Over the call

  • Get the phone number from its China Airlines official site.
  • Dial +1-800-227-5118, the airline’s official number.
  • Make sure to get the necessary documents to expedite the name change process.
  • Provide the details of your booking and the change you need to your name.
  • The agent on the call will verify your eligibility.
  • If you are eligible, the China Airlines representative will initiate the name change request.
  • Pay the name change fee if required.
  • The agent will process your “China Airlines Passenger Name Change,” and you will receive a confirmation email once your name is changed.
  • Double-check all the details for a pleasant boarding experience.

Visit the nearest ticketing office

  • If you are not able to request the name change on the call, you can simply speak to the airline agent in the ticketing office.
  • Find the China Airlines ticketing office nearest to your location.
  • Speak to the airline executive available at the office and request the name change.
  • Share your reservation details and the reason for your name change.
  • Submit the needed document.
  • Pay the name change fee if needed.
  • Confirm your name change without any extra effort.

Please note that you will have to show your passport, as the name on your ticket must be the same as the name mentioned on your passport.

What is the name change fee on China Airlines?

As mentioned, you will have to pay a China Airlines name change fee to correct your name on the flight ticket. If you are in Taiwan, you will have to pay TWD1500 as a name change fee. This is equal to USD50. However, there are certain cases where you don’t have to pay the name change fee. To get the details on the airline’s name change fee, connect with the airline agents on the call. The airline executives will address all your queries.

Key points to note

There are certain points that you should consider to ensure a peaceful travel experience with China Airlines.

  • There is a fee to change your name on the flight ticket. Inquire about the name change fee in advance.
  • Make sure to double-check your details before submitting them to avoid the airline’s name change fee.
  • Reach out to the China Airlines executives as soon as you encounter a mistake in your name.
  • To support your name change request, you need to submit the relevant documents.
  • Keep all the important details and documents safe for future reference.

Wrapping it up

In a nutshell, you can easily modify your name with China Airlines. Whether it is a name change due to marriage/ divorce or typing errors, the airline permits you to request a China Airlines name change process. However, go through the name change policy for hassle-free modifications to your name. Contact the airline executives as soon as possible to make name changes or corrections.

Does Air China Allow Name Changes?