How do I Change My Name on Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

Did you make a spelling mistake in your name when booking flight tickets with Etihad Airways? Fret not! The airline allows you to correct your name as required. Use the Etihad Airways name change option and make changes to your name with much ease. Making the needed changes is simple and quick. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you should know before making any changes to your name. So, go through the following blog to learn how to make changes to your incorrect name. Moreover, we will also discuss the policy in detail.

Can we change the passenger name on Etihad Airways tickets?

Yes, you can easily change the passenger name on an Etihad ticket. However, changes are subject to some conditions and fees. You should review the Etihad Airways name change policy in advance to ensure a hassle-free experience. You can reach out to the airline customer service team anytime if you have any queries regarding the name change on Etihad.

Etihad Airways name change rules and guidelines

Before changing your name, there are certain points that you should know for a smooth experience. Check out the following points, and correct your name on the flight tickets easily.

  • The airline allows free name changes for genuine typing errors up to 3 characters and title amendments.
  • All other name changes will incur a fee.
  • One passenger can make only one name change on their flight tickets.
  • Moreover, the name change request can only be made for the same person on the ticket.
  • Name change is permitted up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If your flight reservation involves any other airline, you need to cancel your booking first. After that, make a new booking with the correct name. However, you will have to pay the fare difference in this case.
  • The name change on Etihad Airways is only possible on reservations where tickets are not issued yet.
  • If you have made a booking through the travel agent or any third-party website, then you need to contact them for any changes.
  • Please note that your name on the ticket must match the name on your government-issued ID.
  • You need to submit a copy of your passport and other required documents.

If you still have any questions regarding the airline’s name change policy, you can speak to the live agent at Etihad Airways. 

What name changes are allowed on Etihad Airways?

It is expected to make a spelling mistake when booking flight tickets. We sometimes enter an incorrect name due to a typing error and submit it without checking twice. If the same has happened to you when booking, you can use the Etihad Airways name correction approach to correct it. The airline allows certain types of name changes on your flight tickets. With this airline, you can make the following changes to your name.

  • Maiden name to married name or married name to maiden name

(Example -Jackson / Emily Ms to Brown / Emily Mrs)

  • Nickname or shortened name to full name

(Example – Jackson / Emi Ms to Jackson / Emily Ms)

  • Addition of middle name

(Example – Jackson / Emily Ms to Jackson / Emily Paul Ms)

  • Addition of surname

(Example – Jackson / Emily Ms to Brown / Emily Jackson Ms)

  • Complete or partial name change with proof from authorities

(Example – Jackson / Emily Ms to Stewart / Lilly Ms)

All these name changes are permitted on Etihad Airways. With Etihad Airways, you can change the name on the ticket without any additional effort. Now, let’s proceed to learn how to change your name.

How can I change my name on the Etihad Airways ticket?

Want to update your name on your booking? You just need to contact the airline via any of your preferred ways. The airline agents provide assistance regarding the name change on call, online chat, and direct message. Get in touch with the airline executives via any of these options to change your name on the flight tickets effortlessly. Keep in mind that you can’t make corrections to your name via the official site or mobile app.

Here are the steps to initiate the Etihad Airways passenger name change process.

  • First of all, choose your way of contacting the airline.
  • Get in touch with the airline representative.
  • Once connected, ask them for assistance regarding the name change policy.
  • You need to tell the agents what mistakes you have made and what changes you need so they can proceed accordingly.
  • Moreover, you may also need to submit valid identity proof to correct mistakes in your spelling.
  • The assigned Etihad representative will assist you immediately and correct your name.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation email with your correct details.

Connect with the airline executives and change your name without any hassle. However, you need to contact the third-party website or a travel agent to make changes to your name if you have booked through them.

What is the name change fee on Etihad Airways?

As mentioned, you will have to pay an Etihad Airways name change fee to change your name on the Etihad Airways ticket. Name corrections on the airline ticket will incur a fee of US $100. If you purchase your ticket in Australia, you will have to pay AU $150 to make name corrections or name changes.

However, you can make changes up to 3 characters for free in case of genuine typing errors. Moreover, there is no charge for changing the name title, as Ms/Mrs/Mr.

Does Etihad need middle names?

No! It is not necessary to add a middle name if you are booking tickets with Etihad Airways. Therefore, there is no “Middle Name” box when making an Etihad Airways booking. However, if you wish to add a middle name, you can contact the airline’s contact center. The agents will assist you, and you can easily add a middle name.

In conclusion

In a nutshell, you can change your name without any hassle if you are flying with Etihad Airways. Just follow the Etihad Airways name change process and correct your name for a stress-free travel experience. However, you must pay the required fee to change or correct your name on the flight ticket. So go ahead and connect with the airline representatives to make name corrections. They will also help you with the name change rules and guidelines.

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