How Do I Speak to a Real Person at Oman Air?


Want to resolve your concerns related to Oman Air flights? Go ahead and talk to a real person at Oman Airlines for the quickest solution to all your problems. There are multiple options to speak to someone at Oman Air and avail relevant assistance in the shortest span of time. Whether you have an issue related to flight booking, cancelation, or lost baggage, Oman Air representatives are available all the time to help you in your hour of need. Read on to learn more about various ways to get in touch with Oman Air real person.

How to find Oman Airlines phone number?

Planning a trip to your dream destination but having some issues? Fret not, and give a call on Oman Airlines phone number to eliminate all your troubles. Moreover, the airline has different phone numbers for different regions. You must call the number of your region to get guidance in your native language. Share all your concerns, and ask for the needed help immediately.

Here are the steps to find the number of your region

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Oman Air.
  • Secondly, find the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the homepage.
  • On the next page, you will see a section named “24/7 Customer Care.”
  • In this section, you can write the name of your country and get the phone number.
  • Write your country name in the “Search” field, and click on the “Get Details” option.
  • After getting the Oman Air customer service phone number , you can easily interact with the representatives.
  • Listen to the IVR menu, and select the right option to connect with a live agent.

Get contact details of any region around the world, and speak in your regional language for quick assistance.

Oman Airlines phone number – Number of different regions!

Do you belong to the USA, or do you stay in Australia? Well, no matter where you live, you can speak to the Oman Air executives without any hassle. Moreover, you can easily discover the number to get the answers to all your questions.

Following are some of the phone numbers of the airline.

  • Oman – 24531111
  • France – +33147642150/51
  • United Kingdom – 01133968888
  • United States – 201 205 2115
  • Qatar – 00800101057
  • China – 01057843555
  • Switzerland – +41(0)265478888

Use the number of your area to get in touch with the Oman Air customer service representative . Moreover, airline agents are very polite and available for your help.

Can I speak to a live person at Oman Air?

To speak to a live person at Oman Air, you have to give a call on the airline’s phone number. Here are the steps to get in touch with the live agent.

  • Firstly, dial the number of your region.
  • Secondly, listen to the automated IVR menu on the call.
  • First of all, you need to choose your preferred language to proceed with the call.
  • For your existing or new reservations, press 1.
  • To change or cancel your flight, press 2.
  • Press 3 to know your scheduled flight status.
  • For all baggage-related queries, press 4.
  • If you have any other general queries, press 5.
  • Do you want to repeat the menu? Press 7.
  • Press 9 if you want to talk to a real person at Oman Airlines .

Choose the appropriate option from this menu, and get your issues addressed in no time.

How can I contact Oman Air?

As an Oman Air passenger, you have various ways to connect with airline agents. Moreover, passengers have both online and offline ways to get in touch with the airline agent. Select your desired way and get rid of your queries in a flicker of a moment. Following are some of the ways to contact agents of this airline.

Phone number

We can’t skip the airline’s phone number when we talk about the fastest way to resolve all your issues. Passengers can contact Oman Airlines phone number at any moment of the day to troubleshoot all their problems. Moreover, you can choose the number as per your query to avail instant guidance.

  • Ticket cancelation and refund – +968-24531111
  • Cargo – +968 – 24356302
  • International cargo inquiries – +968 – 24356304
  • Sindbad Frequent Flyer Programme queries – +968 24531111
  • Holiday bookings – +968-24531000

Email service

If you wish to resolve your issue through the email service, get the email address from the airline’s official site. However, getting a solution from the email may take some time, but when agents are available, they will reply in no time. Moreover, the airline has different email addresses for different queries. Send your email to the right email address and connect with an Oman Air customer service representative effortlessly.

Choose your query, and send the email to the suitable address accordingly.

Social media

Being on social media has become very important for each airline, and Oman Air is no different. This great airline has a service desk on its social media channels, and you can easily connect with the airline executive. However, you may not find the Oman Airlines live chat agent immediately, but once the agent is available, he will respond in no time.

Online feedback form

One of the options to get in touch with Oman Air agents is a feedback form. The airline may take some days to get back to you; therefore, giving a call is the best option. However, using this option is preferable if your query can wait.

  • Firstly, open the airline’s official site to use this option.
  • Secondly, visit the “Contact Us” section, and choose “Feedback.”
  • Submit your complaint through this section, and wait for the agent’s response.


Passengers usually don’t prefer to use the fax option because of the long wait time. Therefore, you must use an alternative way to talk to a real person at Oman Airlines. Check out the different options to fax.

  • Holiday bookings – +968-24153300
  • Web bookings – +968-24153300

Use any of the mentioned ways to get in touch with Oman Air executives and have a stress-free journey.

Wrapping it up

Oman Air representatives are available throughout the day and night to provide you with a trouble-free flight experience. Connect with them in case of any issues, and fly comfortably.

How Do I Speak to a Real Person at Oman Air?