What Happens If You Miss Your Flight With JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue Missed Flight

If you find yourself in a situation where you have missed your flight and are unsure about what to do next, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn about the JetBlue Missed Flight policy. Be with the blog and secure detailed information on charges, policies, and processes.

The situation where you miss your flight can take you to a ride where you will lose your ticket value. However, if you are well acquainted with the JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy, you can find the right ingredients to save your booking value from no-show charges.

JetBlue Missed Flight Policy

Don’t waste time watching the Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS); act quickly, connect with the customer service team, and secure your refund if your booking is eligible. To know the guidelines mentioned in the JetBlue Missed Flight Policy, have a closer look at the following points:

  • Refundable ticket holders can turn their booking value into travel credits if they miss their flight. However, this solely depends on the date of flight bookings with JetBlue.
  • Non-refundable holders do not qualify for refunds if they miss their flights. The airline will forfeit the full ticket value as no-show fees.
  • According to the JetBlue Missed Flight guidelines, a refund can only be initiated on tickets that have a validity period of at least one year from the date of booking.
  • JetBlue Airlines will provide a full refund in the form of travel credit if you miss your flight due to overbooking. The airline will offer a full refund even if the passenger holds a non-refundable ticket.
  • Passengers who booked their flights through GDS have the opportunity to gain some portion of ticket fare as a refund if they inform the airline ahead of departure.
  • The airline may charge non-refundable service fees to process booking value into travel credits. Connect with the concerned team for more detailed information on the JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy and associated costs.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight With JetBlue Airlines?

The airline offers flexibility through its policies; however, if you fail to inform the airline and do not show up for your scheduled flight, you will need to pay full airfare as no-show fees. The airline will not entertain your refund request, so always book refundable tickets. This allows you to turn your booking value into JetBlue travel credits. You can use these points for future travel and save yourself from paying high penalties. The JetBlue travel credit comes with a validity period of 12 months, which allows you to be flexible with your travel plans.

What If I Miss My Flight Due To Jetblue Faults?

If you are missing your flight due to overbooking, operational failures, or any factors influenced by JetBlue, you are eligible for

  • Full refund
  • Travel Credits
  • Accommodation
  • Free Upgrades
  • Changes in schedule at no additional cost

How To Claim A Refund After Missing My Flight With JetBlue?

The JetBlue Missed Flight Refund states if you hold refundable tickets or booked tickets from GDS, you will get an opportunity to claim a refund by contacting the designated team. For this, you will need to execute the following steps:

  • Dial JetBlue Customer Service Number 1-888-538-2583.
  • Press the appropriate key to choose the “talk to agent” option.
  • Listen to IVR and select the missing flight option.
  • Communicate with the JetBlue agent and ask them to submit the Missed Flight refund form.
  • The agent will review your request by examining your fare type, destination, and mode of booking.
  • If your booking qualifies, the agent will submit the refund request on your behalf.
  • Pay applicable fees like service or any other charges.
  • The agent will get back to you with a reference number. Keep it handy for future consideration.

How Much Do I Need To Pay As JetBlue Missed Flight Fees?

You can request a refund, with a fee depending on the fare type you hold and your destinations. The chances are high to pay JetBlue Missed Flight Fees if you are flying with non-refundable tickets or making a request on tickets with less validity. In most scenarios, the airline charges up to 100% of airfare as no-show fees. So, act promptly, and if you find you can not make it to the flight, contact the customer service team at 1-888-538-2583 and inform the team.


JetBlue Airlines does allow passengers to make changes in their flight schedule at the last minute of departure. However, passengers who fail to inform or board the flight on time will lead them to pay no-show fees, which means their booking will be forfeited by the airline.

If you are looking to prioritize your savings, always consider booking premium fares and avoid booking Blue Basic tickets. For more information on the policy and associated charges, you will need to connect with the customer service team.

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight With JetBlue Airlines?