How do I Choose Seats on LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Seat Selection

If comfort is your top priority when planning an air trip to your dream destination, then you must choose your seat in advance. With LATAM Airlines, you can decide how you wish to travel. If comfort is important to you, follow the LATAM seat selection procedure to reserve your seat on the flight.

Whether you want more space, a window, or an aisle seat, you have all the options. Choose a seat as per your preference, and have a delightful experience in the air. Depending on your fare purchase, the seat selection may be free or have extra charges. Let’s proceed further to learn more about the airline’s seat selection policy.

What is the LATAM Airlines seat selection policy?

It is good to know the LATAM seat selection policy before selecting your seat in advance. So, here are some of the guidelines that you should know.

  • You can choose your seat on the LATAM flight when booking tickets, in the My Trips section, or by calling the airline.
  • The seat selection may be free or cost an extra fee based on the fare you have purchased.
  • If you choose not to reserve your seat in advance, LATAM Airlines will assign you a random seat 48 hours before the departure time.
  • Different seats are available on LATAM Airlines; choose the one that meets your preferences.
  • If you are flying with the partner of LATAM Airlines, you are not permitted to choose your seat in advance.
  • Moreover, you can also make a LATAM Airlines group seat selection if you are traveling in a group.
  • You must go for the LATAM+ seats if space and comfort are your priority.

Types of seats on LATAM Airlines

When you travel with LATAM Airlines, you get many seating options. Choose the seat that fits your preference, and fly like an elite to your destination. Here are the different seating options available on LATAM Airlines.

Premium Economy

  • Enjoy more comfort as the middle seat is blocked.
  • Front row seats and give extra legroom to stretch out your legs.
  • Priority boarding and deboarding.
  • On international flights, access to the LATAM lounge.

More Space

  • Available at the front of the plane.
  • More comfortable seats.
  • Extra legroom
  • Priority deboarding
  • Boarding in Premium groups

Further Forward

  • Front row seats
  • Faster deboarding
  • Boarding in Premium groups

Emergency Exit

  • Extra legroom for extra comfort
  • Boarding in Premium groups
  • Meet specific criteria for these seats.

Standard Seats

  • Basic seats with standard legroom
  • Minimal fares

LATAM+ Seats

  • More space and recline
  • Best comfort and the best travel experience.
  • Exclusive baggage compartment
  • Priority boarding and deboarding

All these are the seat types on LATAM Airlines. Pay the required LATAM seat selection fee, and reserve your seat in advance for that extra delight.

How do I select my seat on LATAM Airlines?

You have different ways to book your desired seat with LATAM Airlines. Let’s proceed further to check out these ways and book your seat effortlessly.

When booking tickets

  • Open the LATAM official site.
  • Click “Flights.”
  • Choose your trip type.
  • Select your travel class.
  • Mention the number of passengers.
  • Enter your travel destinations.
  • Add preferred travel dates.
  • Click “Search.”
  • Get the list of flights.
  • Choose the relevant flight.
  • Proceed further and follow instructions.
  • Locate the “Seat Selection” option.
  • Choose your seat.
  • Pay LATAM Airlines seat selection charge.
  • Confirm your purchase.

In the “My Trips” section

  • Visit the LATAM official site.
  • Click “My Trips.”
  • Choose “Manage Your Trips.”
  • Enter your reservation code.
  • Add the passenger’s last name.
  • Click on the “Search” option.
  • Get your reservation details.
  • Click “Choose Seats.”
  • Select your seat, and pay.

Call LATAM Airlines

  • Call LATAM Airlines.
  • Listen to the automated IVR menu.
  • Choose to connect with the travel experts.
  • Share your flight details.
  • Provide details of your preferred seat.
  • Avail experts’ guidance, and book your seat immediately.
  • Pay the required fee to reserve your favorite seat in no time.

Moreover, you can also follow the “LATAM Airlines Change Seats” process with the help of airline executives. The LATAM representatives will help you with all your queries promptly.

What is the seat selection fee on LATAM Airlines?

When you choose your preferred seat in advance, you may have to pay an applicable fee for it. The seat selection fee of the airline depends upon certain factors, such as the fare you have purchased, your seat type, and your travel route.

To know the LATAM Airlines seat selection cost, you can get in touch with the agents of the airline. Share the details of your selected seat with the assigned executives, and learn about the required fee to choose your seat.

Can I select a seat for free on LATAM Airlines?

Yes, you can choose your seat for free if you have certain types of fares. On some fares of LATAM Airlines, the airline allows free seat selection. Some fares that permit free seat selection on the airline are Premium Business, Premium Economy, and Full Economy Cabin.

Moreover, if you are an Elite member, you have permission to select your desired seat for free. Additionally, you can use the miles you have collected to book your preferred seat on the flight.

You can also go for random seats on the flight without following the advance LATAM seat selection procedure to save your bucks. LATAM will assign you random seats on the flight.

In conclusion

If you want that extra comfort in the air, you must go for the advance seat selection on LATAM Airlines. The airline offers different seating options, and you can pick the seat that suits your preferences. Visit the official website of LATAM Airlines or contact the travel executives to book your seat. Pay the required fee to reserve your seat and elevate your travel experience to the next level.

How do I Choose Seats on LATAM Airlines?