What Happens If You Miss Spirit Airlines Flights?


All planned to embark on your dream journey with Spirit Airlines! What if you miss your flight? Missing a scheduled flight can be a nightmare, and therefore, you should always try to be on time. However, if you are flying with Spirit Airlines, you don’t have to worry at all. With Spirit Airlines missed flight policy, you can easily get back on track. It is very important to inform the airline about missing your flight so that they can help you with rebooking.

Share your situation with Spirit Airlines professionals, and book your tickets to your destinations seamlessly. Read on to explore the policy in detail.

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy – Know All Details!

Missed flight is a situation that can upset anyone. But with Spirit Airlines, you can relax as the airline ensures a pleasant experience. If you have missed the flight, check out the Spirit Airlines policy on missed flight.

  • As you know, Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer refundable flight tickets. Therefore, no passenger will get any refund after missing his or her flight.
  • Moreover, you will one must pay $200 to rebook your flight. Additionally, there will be an applicable fare difference.
  • However, in case one misses the flight due to the Spirit Airlines flight cancelation or delay, the airline will rebook them on the next flight.
  • In case, one has multi-flight bookings, and they miss the flight, Spirit will send travel credits for the unused portion.
  • In case of Spirit Airlines missed flight, you will be put on the standby list. However, this policy only applies if you can reach the airport at least 2 hours after the departure.
  • You must contact Spirit Airlines in advance, and share that you will miss your scheduled flight. The airline agent will help you join the standby list.
  • Passengers who fail to reach the airport and don’t even inform the airline will be considered a no-show.

What Is Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Fee?

In case, anyone has missed their flight with Spirit Airlines, they can rebook by paying $200. This is the missed flight rebooking fee. Additionally, you must pay the fare difference as well. Moreover, you have to reach the airport at least 2 hours after the flight departure to avail the rebooking facility.

Rebook yourself, and fly to your destination smoothly by paying Spirit Airlines missed flight fee. Please note that Spirit Airlines never gives refunds for missing your flight. You can either get the option of rebooking or receive travel credits.

What To Do If I Miss My Spirit Airlines Flight?

Were you going on a very important business trip, but somehow missed your flight? Well, you must know your rights, and rebook your flight for a better experience. Here are some of the things you must do after missing your Spirit flight.

  • If you have the idea that you will miss your flight, contact Spirit Airlines missed flight phone number for help. Inform the Spirit representatives in advance, and the executive will help you join the standby list.
  • Secondly, you can reach the airport at least 2 hours to use the rebooking facility. However, a specific fee will be charged for this.
  • Moreover, you can always cancel your booking in advance to avoid the no-show policy.
  • If you miss the connection because your last flight was late, talk to the Spirit Airlines agent available at the particular airport. He will rebook you on the next available flight to the same destination and on the same route without any additional charges.
  • However, when passengers miss the connection because of their fault, they will have to contact the airline agent available at the particular airport. Reach out to the agent, and tell him that I missed my flight Spirit Airlines. He will book your seat on the next flight according to availability. However, you must pay a rebooking fee.

How to Rebook Your Missed Spirit Airlines Flight?

As mentioned above, flyers can rebook their missed flight if they are eligible for it. You must pay the airline’s rebooking fee of $200 to confirm the flight rebooks. Here is the method to rebook your flight.

  • Go to Spirit Airlines official site.
  • On the homepage, click on the “My Trips” option.
  • To rebook the Spirit missed flight, you need to access your itinerary.
  • You can either directly open your account or find your booking details by entering your confirmation code & last name.
  • Once your reservation is opened, click on the “Rebook Flight” option.
  • After that, write all your important details in the respective fields, and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Choose the flight, and pay the rebooking fee. Additionally, you must pay the fare difference, if applicable.
  • Confirm your reservation and check out.

You can also rebook your flight by calling the airline.

Can I get a refund from Spirit if I missed my flight?

Well, it totally depends on your situation. If you have a non-refundable flight ticket, the airline will not give any refund for missing your flight. Moreover, flight change or rescheduling is not permitted. However, if you have booked refundable fares, there are chances to receive Spirit Airlines points in your account that you can use in the future. Moreover, one can easily redeem points to make a booking with the airline in the future.

What is the Spirit Airlines no-show policy?

Did you miss your flight with Spirit Airlines and don’t even show up at the airport? Well, this can be a trouble as the airline applies the no-show policy to flyers who fail to show up at the airport. Once the policy is applied to your reservation, you will lose the entire cost of your booking.

  • If you didn’t cancel your booking at least 1 hour prior to the departure and don’t even reach the airport on time, the no-show policy will be applied.
  • As per this policy, the fare of your ticket will be forfeited, and you will not get any refund.
  • To avoid the no-show situation, try to reach the airport on time.
  • Moreover, you must inform the airline agents in advance if you are unable to miss your flight.

Final words

I hope now you know what Spirit Airlines missed flight policy. So don’t panic if you miss the flight as you can rebook it easily. Plan your trip with this airline, and have a hassle-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rebook a missed flight on Spirit?

Go to the “My Trips” section on the official website, and rebook your flight with ease. Moreover, you can also connect with agents to rebook the flight.

How much does Spirit charge for a missed flight?

Spirit Airlines charges $200 as a missed flight rebooking fee. Passengers must pay the fare difference as well.

What happens if you miss your Spirit flight?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to rebook their missed flights if they inform it ahead of time about missing the flight.

Does Spirit refund for missed flights?

No, Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer any refund for missed flights.

What happens if I miss my connecting flight on Spirit Airlines?

In case, you miss the connecting flight because of the airline delay, the airline will accommodate you on the next flight to the same destination and on the same route.

What Happens If You Miss Spirit Airlines Flights?