How to Select A Seat on Spirit Airlines?


If you have already booked a flight with Spirit Airlines, you should prefer to book your seats in advance. The airline allows you to reserve your seat for a comfortable journey in the air. Use the Spirit Airlines seat selection option and book your favorite seat as soon as possible. Additionally, there are different seat options; you have the flexibility to choose the one you like. Go to the manage booking section or connect with the Spirit Airlines executives to book your seat quickly.

To learn the procedure to boofhjk your seats with this airline, check out the following blog.

What is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

You must know certain important things before choosing your seat in advance. Here is the seat selection policy to easily reserve your seats.

  • With Spirit Airlines, you don’t need to worry about anything. If you don’t pick your seat in advance, the airline agents at the airport will assign you seats on a random basis.
  • However, the airline doesn’t give any guarantee that you will sit with your family.
  • Go to the “My Trips” section to purchase your seat in advance.
  • To select seats within 24 hours of the reservation, you have to buy seats through the online check-in procedure.
  • The fee to choose your seat starts at just $5. However, this Spirit Airlines seat selection cost varies as per your selected seat, your routes, and your location in the aircraft.
  • To reserve a seat for your infant, you have to pay extra charges for him or her. However, he or she must be placed securely in an FAA-approved car seat.
  • The most luxurious seats of Spirit Airlines are Big Front Seats, as they offer extra legroom.
  • You can’t use your Free Spirit points to upgrade your seat to Big Front Seats.
  • As per Spirit Airlines select seats policy, there are some specific requirements for exit seats.

How to Reserve Seats on Spirit Airlines?

With Spirit Airlines, you can book your seats during reservation or after purchasing flight tickets.To book your seats in advance, you have to follow some specific steps on the airline’s official site. Moreover, you can connect with the Spirit representative to avail immediate assistance.

During Booking

  • Firstly, open the airline’s official site.
  • Add all your details in the search engine.
  • Find the relevant flight for you.
  • Proceed further to find the seat selection option.
  • Load the seat map, and pick your desired seat.
  • Pay the required fee to confirm.

Through the Manage Booking Option

  • Firstly, open Spirit Airlines official site.
  • Locate the “My Trips” option on the left side of the screen.
  • After that, you have two options.
  • Either login to your account to view your itinerary details, or find your trip through the confirmation code.
  • Fetch your trip details, and choose “Add or Modify Seats” for Spirit Airline seat selection.
  • Go through the displayed seat map and check out your favorite seat’s availability.
  • If your preferred seat is available, pay immediately to confirm your seat purchase.

Can I call Spirit Airlines to book seats?

Yes, you can contact Spirit Airlines travel executives if you wish to book your seats in advance. However, the official site is the most used way by passengers. If you are facing difficulties in booking your seat through the official site, you can simply get in touch with the airline’s agents. The travel agents will help you with the seat selection process.

  • Find the Spirit Airlines phone number on its official site.
  • Give a call at the airline’s official number.
  • Listen to the IVR menu.
  • Choose the required option.
  • Connect with the Spirit Airlines executives.
  • Share your flight details.
  • Provide the agent with your seat preferences.
  • Book your seat.
  • Pay the required amount.
  • Confirm your seat selection easily.

Book your preferred seat with ease by requesting assistance from the airline’s travel experts. Call the airline agents now and book your seats conveniently.

What are the Seating Options on Spirit Airlines?

With Spirit Airlines, you will find multiple seating options. These seats cater to different requirements. There is a seat for every budget and taste. Pick the seat that meets your preferences, and fly comfortably to your destination.

Here are the different seat options available on Spirit Airlines.

  • Big Front Seats

Situated at the front of the flight, these seats allow you to deboard your flight early. Named as the best seats of the airline, these seats ensure to give the utmost comfort to you. No matter how long your flight is, you will complete your journey with convenience. Stretch your legs completely with the extra legroom of these seats.

  • Premium Seats

Located behind the Big Front seats, you will get enough legroom after choosing these seats. These seats also have small table where you can keep your small essentials. If you want comfort but can’t pay a huge amount, you should choose these seats for your journey.

  • Standard Seats

Standard seats offer the comfort you need for your journey, and that too in your budget. If you don’t wish to spend some extra amount on the seat selection, book these seats without even thinking twice.

  • Exit Row Seats

Passengers can also choose Exit row seats to complete their journey comfortably. However, you have to meet some criteria to get seated on these special seats. Make sure to check out the eligibility criteria to select these seats for your journey.

All these are the different seating options available on Spirit Airlines. Compare these seats, and book your favorite one to make the most of your trip in the air.

What are Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats?

Want to complete your journey with the utmost comfort? Go for Big Front seats to ensure a comfortable flight experience. These seats ensure a smooth travel experience.

  • You may know that these seats are larger seats, and are the perfect option for flyers who seek more space.
  • Additionally, these seats offer 32% more legroom as compared to Deluxe Leather seats.
  • These seats are larger and wider, and there is no middle seat between them.
  • With an 18.5″ width and 36″ pitch, you will be traveling in comfort after booking these seats.
  • As per the Spirit seat selection policy, you can purchase these seats for an extra fee.
  • Based on availability, you can book these seats during or after the journey.

How much is the seat selection fee on Spirit Airlines?

When you choose a certain seat with Spirit Airlines, you will have to pay an applicable fee for it. Seat assignment starts at just $5 per seat. However, the fee may vary based on the route and location of seat in the flight. You can also avoid the seat selection fee by allowing the airline to give you random seats during check-in. But there is no guarantee that you get seats with your group. You must select your seats ahead of time by paying the Spirit Airlines seat selection charge.

How can I redeem my Lucky Seat voucher?

Do you have a Spirit Airlines lucky seat voucher? That’s great news because you will get to sit on Spirit Airlines Lucky Seats. This voucher has 500 Spirit points that you can use towards the seat selection. These points will help you make your view beautiful throughout the flight. Confirm your Spirit Airlines booking, and redeem your points for reserving Lucky Seats.

  • To redeem your points, you have to be a Free Spirit member.
  • If you are not a Free Spirit member, register yourself within 14 days of the flight.
  • Moreover, you can easily register yourself by visiting the Spirit official site.
  • Within 45 days of getting the voucher, the Lucky Seat points will be posted to your Free Spirit account.
  • Once you have your points, you have to book your reward travel within 90 days.

In conclusion

Ready to reserve your seat in advance with Spirit Airlines? Follow the mentioned procedure and book your desired seat in no time. With different seating options, you can easily choose the one that suits your taste and budget.

Still have confusion regarding the seat selection policy? Contact Spirit Airlines, and book your seats hassle-free. Moreover, contact Spirit en espanol telefono if you want to interact in Spanish. Book your seats well ahead of time, and ensure a comfortable trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick my seat on Spirit Airlines?

Firstly, access your reservation by navigating to the “My Trips” tab. Click on “Add or Modify Seats” to book your desired seat.

How does Spirit randomly assign seats?

If you don’t select seats in advance, Spirit Airlines will randomly assign you seats during check-in. It will be a random process, and you can get any seat depending on availability.

Is it worth paying for seat selection?

Yes, it is worth paying for the seat selection, especially if you are traveling in a group. It will help you get together seats.

Does Spirit try to seat families together?

Spirit Airlines has a simple policy that says if you want to sit together with your family, book in advance. There is no guarantee that you will get together seats while assigning random seats.

Are all Spirit seats the same?

The highest level of service on Delta Airlines is Delta One. The seats of this travel class feature flat-bed seats, where you can relax.Spirit Airlines flights have different seats, and passengers can choose as per their preferences. However, the best seats on the airline are Big front seats.

How to Select A Seat on Spirit Airlines?