When it’s time to plan an air trip., where you will sit is the first thing to come to mind. If you are traveling with United Airlines, you must know that the airline has a simple seat selection policy that allows flyers to soar high as per their comfort. All the flyers of the airline can select a seat in advance, at a fee or for free. Whether you need extra legroom on the flight or want to book a preferred seat, the United Airlines seat selection option gives you a chance to pick your desired seat seamlessly. Go ahead, and check out the policy to choose your desired seat and fly comfortably to your destination.

What is the United Airlines seat selection policy?

Want extra legroom and a headrest to complete your journey comfortably? You should prefer to pick your favorite seat to have a memorable experience in the air. Go through United’s seat selection policy before selecting a seat with the airline.

  • “Seat selection United Airlines” is an easy process, and you can do it through the airline’s official site.
  • You can either select a seat during the booking procedure or after it. Moreover, you can choose your seat during check-in as well.
  • The seat selection is free of charge for all travel classes except Basic Economy.
  • The airline will assign random seats if you don’t reserve a seat in advance.
  • Moreover, you can upgrade your seat as per your liking. Travel in a higher class of service for an overwhelming experience.
  • If no seats are available when selecting a seat, ensure to check out the availability closer to the departure date. Initiate the “United Airlines select seats” procedure at that time.
  • Please note that the airline can change seat selection before any notice if there is a schedule change.

Does United Airlines charge for seat selection?

You should each detail about the seat selection of United Airlines. Check out the following information to know the seat selection fee.

  • United Airlines doesn’t charge any fee to select your desired seat on the flight. You can select your seat for free.
  • However, you may have to pay a certain fee to choose your seat if you are a Basic Economy passenger.
  • Moreover, you will have to pay USD 9 for each way if you book “preferred seats.”
  • If you don’t book your seats in advance, United Airlines will make you sit on random seats.

How can I reserve my seat on United Airlines?

Booking a seat on United is quite easy because you don’t need any additional effort. You just have to make a couple of clicks, and your seat will be reserved with ease.

During ticket purchase

  • As per the United Airlines seat selection policy, you can easily select your seat during the booking procedure.
  • Firstly, go to United Airlines’ official site.
  • Secondly, enter your travel priorities, and select your desired flight.
  • You will locate the “seat selection” option after selecting a suitable flight.
  • Click on it, and you will see a map on your screen.
  • Pick the desired seat from a seat map.
  • You can even use the United mobile app for the same.

After ticket purchase

  • After booking flight tickets, you have to visit the official site to reserve seats.
  • Go to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Add your flight details, and choose “search.”
  • It will open your United Airlines booking details.
  • Click on the “edit” icon on the right side.
  • After that, click on the “seat selection” option.
  • A seat map will open; click on it to choose your favorite seats.
  • Moreover, you can connect with United Airlines executives to confirm your seat selection.

What are the different types of United Airlines seats?

When you travel with United Airlines, you get so many options to choose from. Moreover, the airline lets you choose your desired seat way ahead of time for a comfortable journey. Let’s check out the different categories of seats on United Airlines.

Basic Economy Seats

  • Need to pay for seat selection
  • Seat upgrade is not allowed
  • Available to select in advance
  • Changes are not possible

Economy (Flexible)

  • A refundable fare
  • Available for a seat upgrade
  • Advance seat selection is possible
  • Seats can be changed

Economy (Standard)

  • Extra legroom
  • Advance seat selection is available
  • Seats can be changed or upgraded

Premium Plus

  • Provide complimentary food/beverages
  • Available for advance seat selection
  • Spacious seats with additional legroom
  • Seats can be changed
  • Possible to upgrade the seats


  • Spacious seats with optimum legroom
  • Luxurious dining is available
  • Provides complimentary food or beverages
  • Seats can be changed
  • Possible to upgrade the seats

Economy Plus

  • Seats are available near the front of the flight
  • Additional legroom is available
  • Comfortable and spacious seats
  • Seats can be changed
  • Possible to upgrade the seats

These are the different types of seats on United Airlines. Choose your desired seat and reserve it as soon as possible.

Does United Airlines have special seats for disabled passengers?

Yes, certain seats are available for passengers with a disability. If you are disabled, the airline is happy to get you a secure seat. United Airlines tries to make you sit in the best seat that suits your needs. Moreover, the seat will be in the same class of service you booked as per the “seat selection United Airlines” policy.
Ensure to inform the airline at least 24 hours in advance if you have special seating needs. Get in touch with the United Airlines Accessibility Desk to book seats for your journey. The airline will try to accommodate requests from passengers with one or more of the following disabilities.

  • Need extra legroom for a disability
  • Fly with someone who assists during the journey and needs adjoining seats.
  • Face difficulty moving over a fixed armrest. Therefore, need to sit in a row that has moveable aisle armrests.
  • Need help accessing the aircraft with an aisle chair

What are the ways to upgrade your United Airlines seat?

When you travel with United Airlines, you get to enjoy premium services in the air. One of the services offered by the airline is the seat upgrade. If you have selected your seat in advance and now you want to upgrade it, you can do it easily. Moreover, there are different ways to upgrade your seat with United Airlines, and all these ways are simple.

  • With United Airlines, you can upgrade your seat easily through PlusPoints Upgrades.
  • Sign in to the MileagePlus account and locate your reservation. After that, you can effortlessly upgrade your seat online.
  • Moreover, you can use your miles to upgrade your seat. For this, you need to sign in to your account.
  • One another way to upgrade your seat is through the Star Alliance Upgrade Award.

Does United Airlines offer free seat selection?

Yes, you can select your seat for free if you are a loyalty program member of the airline. Moreover, the airline provides complimentary seat selection for some travel classes. You must connect with the agents of United Airlines to know the details of the free seat selection of the airline. Moreover, you have to visit the United Airlines manage booking page to choose your seat in advance.

Please note that Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for free seat selection. Passengers of this travel class have to pay a specific fee if they want to reserve their desired seats in advance.

How does seat selection work for elite members?

If you are an elite member of the airline, you may be eligible for early boarding privileges and priority seating options. However, it totally depends upon the level of your membership. Let’s check out the following information.

Economy Plus seats

As you know, Economy Plus seats have extra legroom for a comfortable journey in the air. Moreover, these seats are located at the front of the flight. If you are a Gold elite member or higher, you are eligible for free upgrades to this travel class seats. Moreover, silver members can also select seats in Economy Plus, if available, during check-in.

Frequent flyer status

If you have achieved a certain level in the frequent flyer program, then you are also eligible for free seat selection on United Airlines. Get in touch with the agents of the airline to know about your membership status.

Preferred seats

These seats are available free of cost for Silver elite members and higher while booking flight tickets with the airline.

Wrapping up

United is one of the best airlines for offering stunning amenities. United Airlines seat selection policy is one great policy that allows you to complete your journey on your desired seat and collect great memories. So book your seat now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose your seat on United Airlines?

Yes, you can easily pick your seat on your United Airlines flight to ensure a comfortable journey to your destination. Moreover, there are no charges to choose your desired seat except for Basic Economy.

What does United charge for seat selection?

Seat selection is free for all fare classes except for Basic Economy. However, if you need to book preferred seats, you may have to pay $9.

Does United automatically assign seats?

If you don’t choose your seat in advance, United Airlines will assign random seats to flyers prior to boarding.

What are preferred seats on United?

On United Airlines, preferred seats are referred to as Economy Standard seats. These seats are located at the front of the aircraft, and there will be no additional legroom.

How Do I Select My Seat on United Airlines?