How Do I Book Delta Airlines Group Travel?

how you can book delta airlines Group tickets online

Are you traveling with your colleagues? Or do you want to go on a thrilling journey with your loved ones? If you are traveling with more than 10 persons, you must use the “Delta Airlines Group Travel” option. Traveling in a group is a different kind of experience. Delta Airlines understands that all flyers look for an exciting and fun time in the air, especially when they travel in a group. Therefore, the airline tries its best to facilitate you with incredible amenities for an unforgettable experience. Moreover, you will get plenty of discounts on your group booking with Delta. Read on to discover more about the group booking of Delta Airlines.

What is Delta Airlines Group Travel?

The group pricing varies depending on the kind of group flight reservation, per the Delta Air group travel policy. Let’s say you have bookings for a flight that won’t go until 90 days or later. The booking will then be required 24 days before the flight’s departure.
Moreover, booking deposits must be made within five days of the purchase date for flights with an operational window of 89 to 61 days.

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to reserve a Delta Group Travel ticket when you are traveling on business with multiple passengers.

What are the rules for Delta Airlines group travel?

There are several rules that you should know before booking the group travel option of Delta Airlines. Once you learn about these terms and conditions of group booking, you can book your tickets without any hassle. Here are some of the rules of the Delta Air group travel option.

  • There should be at least 10 flyers to book group tickets with Delta Airlines.
  • If you are willing to add any member to your group reservation, you must pay an extra fee.
  • Please note that Delta will cancel your entire reservation if you cancel the booking of a single passenger.
  • Changes are also permitted in group bookings with Delta Airlines.

Moreover, you can dial the Delta group travel phone number for any queries regarding the group booking with the airline.

How Can You Book Delta Airlines Group Travel?

Booking a group travel reservation should be your best option if you intend to travel by air with a group of more than ten people.
Nevertheless, you need to make a few more clicks to complete the process of making a group reservation on the Delta website before you reach the main booking page. Not to worry! In the section that follows, we will demonstrate these actions.

Book Group Travel Through Website

  • 1. Go through Delta’s website by using your mobile or computer—
  • Note: You will be taken to the Delta Group Travel Request Form page when you book a group ticket online. There are a few sections that prompt you to enter information and make more choices regarding the flight schedule.

    1. 2. When on the website, pick “Planning a Trip” after clicking “Traveling with Us,” and then click “Group Travel” once more.
    1. 3. On your screen, a form for group travel requests will appear, asking you to choose “Group Client” from one of the three alternatives. The Travel Agency, Organization/Company, and Group Coordinator/Leader are some of these choices. Click the Proceed button once you make choices of all the options.
    1. 4. You need to provide customer information in the following step. To move on to the following step, enter the information in the fields indicated as mandatory and click the action button to move ahead with Delta Vacations Group Travel.
    1. 5. You will then need to enter your trip information. From the possibilities offered to you, you can choose. To move on to the following stage after entering the details, click the action button.
    1. 6. The special requests are on the next page. To better suit your preferences, you can add extra requests to your travel reservation. Once you complete that, click the action button to move on to the following stage.
    1. 7. The summary of your booking, including with any applicable fees, taxes, and surcharges, will be shown in this final stage. Once you’ve had a chance to review your reservation, click the Submit button. Your request will be sent for processing, which could take a little while.

    You will also get an email confirmation after your reservation has been made successfully. Both when boarding the plane and at the boarding gate, you can present this confirmation to make a Group Travel Delta reservation.

    You only need to follow these steps to finalize your online group trip reservation.

    Booking Group Travel Ticket via Phone

    There is another way to make the group reservation on the same itinerary in addition to doing it online at the Delta website. You can accomplish this by contacting a Delta Group Specialists representative over the phone.

    The representatives can assist you with group travel booking.

    What are the Benefits of Delta Group Travel?

    Delta Airlines assists passengers in creating customized packages with the best Delta Airlines group travel services. Booking group tickets have a number of benefits, one of which is cost savings on individual tickets.

    Get Special Discounts and Deals

    When purchasing airline tickets as part of a group trip, you may be eligible for special offers and discounts. Also, you can obtain Delta Group Travel Discount fares and take advantage of services at a reasonable trip cost.

    Flexible Payment Methods

    Enjoy flexible payment choices and make the entire payment after 24 hours when making group reservations. By doing this, you can pay the group fare in manageable installments while being completely debt-free.

    Enjoy the Simple Booking Process

    By using the hassle-free web process, travelers can book group flights. If you have any questions, call to speak with a team member right now and get prompt support. You can use Delta Manage Booking to make any upgrade or change in the booked ticket.

    Use miles or Reward Points

    To pay for the group flight reservation, you may also utilize miles or reward points. To book cheap plane tickets on Delta, the airline additionally provides promotional codes, vouchers, and travel rewards.

    Are group airline tickets cheaper?

    When you book a group travel with Delta Airlines, you get to enjoy numerous benefits. One of the main advantages of traveling with this great airline is unlimited deals and offers on group bookings. Delta offers plenty of discounts so that passengers can easily make group bookings to their desired destinations. Make sure to check out the ongoing deals and discounts to save on your expenses and travel at affordable fares. Moreover, you can connect with Delta executives to explore current deals and discounts.

    What is the Delta Airlines Corporate Group Travel?

    If you are traveling in a Business Group, then you must use the corporate group travel on Delta Airlines. Book your tickets through the Delta Meeting Network and get stunning discounts. With Delta Airlines, corporate travel has become easier than ever. Moreover, corporate travel is available on more than 300 destinations, and you can easily book tickets to your preferred location. However, you can only book the Business Travel if you are flying to 2 or more cities. One can book the meeting room for 15 or more passengers.

    Can I make changes to my Delta group booking?

    Yes, you can easily make changes to your group reservation made with Delta Airlines. For making changes to your booking, get in touch with the agents of the airline. Call Delta Airlines on its official number and seek immediate assistance from the airline’s travel agents. Moreover, you can also make changes to your Delta vacations group travel with the help of the airline executives.


    Group travel is the best and most convenient option if you want to accompany different travelers and save on costs with great benefits. You can use different reward points, make a flexible payment with a simple booking procedure, and whatnot with Delta Airlines Group Travel!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Delta Airlines tickets cheaper?

    Yes, traveling in a group is usually considered cheaper. Delta Airlines offers many discounts on group travel so that you can save big on your travel expenses.

    Does Delta do groups?

    Delta Airlines allows passengers to book group travel for a group of 10 or more. To book the group travel, you need to visit the official site of Delta Airlines.

    How to buy plane tickets for a group?

    Visit the “Group Travel” page on the official site of the airline. Find the “Book Group Travel Now” option, and fill out the necessary details to confirm the group booking. One can also call the airline to confirm the group booking without any additional effort.

    Is it better to book flights as a group or individually?

    If you are traveling in a group, then booking a group booking is always considered better. It will help you save extra money so that you can fly at the cheapest fares. Booking individually will cost you higher.

    How many people do you need for a group ticket?

    To book the group travel on Delta, there should be 10 or more passengers. The group booking will help you save an extra amount on your travel expenses.

    Why is group travel better?

    Group travel is better because booking individually can be expensive for you. You will find exclusive discounts on group booking for an affordable trip.

    Can you make a group booking with miles or reward points?

    Yes, one can use their reward points or collected miles to make a group reservation at minimal fares. Moreover, you will also get coupons, vouchers, or promo codes for additional savings.

    Can I also book corporate travel with Delta?

    Through the Delta Meeting Network, you can book corporate travel with Delta. If you are traveling for business, avail benefits of corporate travel.

    How Do I Book Delta Airlines Group Travel?