How do I Choose My Seat on Emirates Airlines?

Emirates seat selection

Did you book a flight with Emirates Airlines? The next step is to reserve your favorite seats for a delightful experience. Use the Emirates seat selection feature to book your desired seats and double the joy of your air trip. The airline offers multiple seat options, and you can pick your preferred seat without any additional effort. Check out the availability of seats, and don’t wait to book your favorite one. Read the following blog for all the details on the airline’s seat selection process.

How do I select a seat on Emirates Airlines?

With Emirates Airlines, you can choose your seat when booking tickets or even after it. Additionally, you also have the option to reserve your seat during an online check-in.

When booking Emirates tickets

  • Open Emirates Airlines official site.
  • Enter your travel preferences in the required fields.
  • Click on the “Continue” option to open the list of available flights.
  • Select a suitable flight and follow the prompts.
  • Find the “Emirates Flight Seat Selection” option.
  • Click on it to open the seat map.
  • Choose the required seat and pay for it immediately, if needed.

After making a booking

  • Firstly, go to Emirates Airlines official site.
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference.
  • Choose the “Emirates Airlines Manage Booking” option to retrieve your reservation details.
  • Find the “Seat Selection” option to reserve your desired seat effortlessly.
  • Select your desired seat, and follow the instructions to book it instantly.

During check-in

  • Open the airline’s official site.
  • Click on the “Check In” option on the homepage.
  • Add your asked details, and get your booking details.
  • While checking in, you will locate the “Seat Selection” option.
  • Pick your preferred seat to reserve it promptly.

Selecting seats on Emirates Airlines is no big deal as you can do it with a couple of clicks only. Moreover, you can also connect with the Emirates Airlines customer service desk to book tickets with the agents’ help.

What is the Emirates seat selection policy?

Before reserving your desired seat on the flight, you should learn about the airline’s seat selection policy. The airline’s seat selection policy is simple, and you can understand it with much ease.

  • The Emirates Airlines seat selection service is subject to availability. You will only get your desired seat if it is available on the flight.
  • Moreover, you can’t transfer your selected seat to another passenger.
  • There are different types of seats on Emirates Airlines. Therefore, you should make a choice very carefully as per your requirements.
  • Emirates Airlines has the right to change your seat due to operational reasons. However, you will get your refund if you have already paid for the selected seat.
  • Travelers can select their seats at the same time when booking their flights or through the “Manage Booking” option later on.
  • Additionally, you can easily select a seat while checking in online.
  • For the Economy Class seat selection, you will have to pay an applicable fee. Seat selection is free for First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy.
  • Emirates Skywards members can pay for their seats using a combination of Cash + Miles.

For more information, you can also contact Emirates customer service. The airline representatives will help you with all your concerns.

Types of seats on Emirates Airlines

As mentioned, there are different seat types on Emirates Airlines. Check out all the details regarding different seat types on Emirates Airlines, and choose the required seat without any worries.

Economy Class seat selection

If you are planning to travel in Economy Class, you have different seating options. Moreover, you have to pay for the seat selection in this travel class. Here are different seating options for you. You must pay an Emirates seat selection fee for Economy Class seats.

  • Regular seat – Whether you want to sit by the window, on the aisle, or in the middle, you can select Regular seats for the ultimate comfort in the air.
  • Preferred seat – These seats are available at the front of the flight, so you will be among the first ones to deboard the flight.
  • Twin seat – Twins seats are those seats that are available in a row of two with just an aisle seat and a window seat. They are on the back of some flights and on the upper & lower deck of some flights. Make Emirate seat selection for twin seats, and fly amidst comfort.
  • Extra legroom – With an extra legroom seat, you get enough space to stretch out your legs comfortably. These seats are by the exit row seats.

First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy seat selection

In all these travel classes, seat selection is free of charge. For Business Special Fare, seat selection is complimentary, and they can choose their seat when check-in begins 48 hours prior to departure. Moreover, Skywards Platinum members are free to choose their seats at any time. If you want to avoid paying for the seat selection, you must book Emirates Airlines flights for these travel classes.

What is the Emirates Airlines seat selection fee?

As mentioned, the seat selection is free for Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class. If you are traveling in an Economy Class, you can either select your seat for free or with charges, depending upon your fare type. Check out the following table to get a clear idea about Emirates Airlines seat selection charges. Let’s get started.

Fare Type Regular Preferred Twin Extra Legroom
Economy Special Between USD 15 and USD 40 From USD 25 to USD 100 Between USD 35 and USD 135 From USD 55 to USD 250
Economy Saver Between USD 15 and USD 40 From USD 25 to USD 100 Between USD 35 and USD 135 From USD 55 to USD 250
Economy Flex Complimentary Between USD 25 and USD 100 From USD 35 to USD 135 Between USD 55 and USD 250
Economy Flex Plus Complimentary Complimentary (for Preferred lower deck only) Between USD 35 and USD 135 Between USD 55 and USD 250

The seat selection fee of Emirates Airlines varies depending upon certain factors, such as destination, route, etc. Make Emirates seats selection booking, and pay the required fee to confirm the seat selection in no time.

Can I select my seat for free on an Emirates flight?

Yes, you can avoid paying the seat selection fee by not choosing your seat in advance. In that case, Emirates Airlines will assign you random seats on the flight without any extra charges. However, the seat selection is free for certain passengers. You can choose your seats for free in First Class when you have Flex or Flex Plus fare and Business Class Saver fare. Moreover, you can also select your seat for free if you are flying in Premium Economy. Passengers with Business Special fares can buy a complimentary seat when checking in for their flight. The check in opens 48 hours before departure. Moreover, the seat selection is free for Skywards Platinum members. If you have any of these fares, you can reserve your seat without any additional charges. Avail yourself of the benefits of the free seat selection, and book your preferred seat without any charges. Book your seat now, and have a delightful journey.

Is it worth paying for seat selection on Emirates?

Yes, it is worth paying for your seat on Emirates Airlines. Choosing your seat ahead of your journey ensures a pleasant experience in the air. Moreover, you will get to sit with your travel companions if you select your seat on the flight. With several seat options, you can choose the one that matches your preferences and budget. So pick your seats, and make sure to embark on a pleasurable journey with Emirates Airlines.

Wrapping it up

Ready to add extra comfort to your journey by selecting your desired seat in advance? Check out the seat selection policy of the airline and book your desired seat without any additional effort. Go to the Emirates Airlines website and choose your seat when booking tickets or even after it.

How do I Choose My Seat on Emirates Airlines?