Frontier Student Discount – Can Students Get Discounts on Flights?

Frontier Student Discount

If you are looking for a student discount on Frontier Airlines, then you might feel a little disappointed as the Frontier student discount is no longer available. However, Frontier Airlines has a discount den where you get the maximum deals and discounts to save on your travel expenses. After 2020, the airline stopped offering these special discounts.

However, if you want to enlighten yourself with the details of the student discount program, then go through this blog. Frontier Airlines keeps changing its policies; therefore, keep checking its official site as the airline may release the student discount again.

Let’s proceed further to go through the details of the student discount program, which is no longer available. We will also discuss the other ways to get deals and offers on Frontier Airlines.

Does Frontier have student discounts?

As mentioned, the Frontier Airlines student discount is no longer available. Students can’t book their flight tickets with these special discounts. However, they can easily get their hands on other deals and offers to save extra on their travel expenses. The airline keeps releasing plenty of deals to help flyers plan an affordable trip to their dream destinations. So, students can still book tickets with this airline at low fares.

What was the Students Fly Free program of Frontier?

Frontier Airlines had a special program for student flyers named “Students Fly Free.” Under this program, students could book their flight tickets at discounted fares or for free. Basically, it was a student discount on Frontier Airlines so that young travelers could fly within their budget. However, students should have the Discount Den membership if they want to book their tickets under this special program.

Students aged 18 to 22 used to benefit from this special program. If they were eligible for these discount codes, they could get them without any hassle. On qualifying flights, students could fly for free for a one-way or round-trip. The airline used to give flight vouchers to eligible students. The student discount on Frontier used to be very popular among student flyers.

Important Guidelines for Students Fly Free

Certain guidelines were associated with this special program that are important to discover. Please note that the airline’s flight voucher only covered the base fare. Student flyers are used to pay extra fees and vouchers. Let’s take a look at the important guidelines of this program.

  • The Frontier Students Fly Free program was available for students from 18 to 22 years of age.
  • To avail benefits of this special program, students needed to purchase a Discount Den program membership.
  • Students also needed to show a valid student ID to get these special discounts from the airline.
  • The program was only available if students made bookings on the official site.
  • Students can only book flights under this program if the program is active.
  • With the flight vouchers, students could fly free for one-way or round-trip.
  • To take advantage of this special program, students needed to look for the qualifying Students Fly Free flight.
  • Tickets purchased with these discounts could be canceled for a full refund within 24 hours of the flight booking. Flight cancellation could be done through the Frontier Airlines manage booking section.

All these were the important guidelines associated with this special program of the airline. However, these discounts are not available right now. But students can still book flight tickets at pocket-friendly fares with some alternative options.

How do I book tickets at low fares with Frontier now?

As you know, Frontier doesn’t offer student discounts now. However, there are various other ways to book cheap flight tickets with the airline. Here are some of the general tips to confirm your Frontier Airlines booking at low fares.

  • Discount Den membership

One of the best ways to ensure low fares with Frontier Airlines is Discount Den membership. Once you become a member of this program, you can access exclusive flight deals and discounts. However, you need to pay an annual fee to be a member of this program.

  • Low-fare calendar

Travelers can use the airline’s low-fare calendar to go through the fares for certain dates. If you are flexible with your travel plan, you can choose a date when fares are low and travel without hitting hard on your pocket.

  • Book in advance

To save on Frontier Airlines flights, you can book your flight tickets in advance. Airfares usually increase closer to the flight departure date. Therefore, confirm your reservation as soon as possible to fly within your budget.

  • Deals and discounts

Another way to confirm your flight booking within your budget is to check out the available deals and discounts. Explore the ongoing deals and fetch the best one that matches your travel preferences.

For the latest deals and offers, go to the Frontier official site or contact its customer service.

  • Vacation packages

Frontier Airlines offers various vacation packages that combine hotels, flights, and other services. Moreover, these packages are comparatively less expensive than booking flights or hotels separately. Go to the airline’s official site or contact the travel agents to book your desired vacation package in no time.

All these are important tips that help you book cheap flight tickets with Frontier Airlines. Use all these hacks and travel without being harsh on your pocket.

Wrapping it up

However, Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer any student discounts, but you can still book your flight tickets at the lowest fares possible. Check out the mentioned tips and hacks to have a cost-effective trip with the airline. Apart from the student discounts, you will get numerous deals from the airline to travel at budget-friendly fares. Snatch the best deal, and complete your journey at low fares.

Frontier Student Discount – Can Students Get Discounts on Flights?