How Do I Change My Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets?

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets

An Overview of Lufthansa Airlines Change Flight

Do you need to change your current flight with Lufthansa Airlines due to some unavoidable circumstances? There is no need to worry, as the airline has a comprehensive change flight policy. Use the Lufthansa Airlines change flight option to change your existing flight seamlessly with the airline. With this great airline, you can change your flight and book a new one as per your convenience.

Moreover, the airline offers a simple process to change your current flight where you don’t have to put in any additional effort. So, let’s go ahead, and check out this detailed guide on the change flight policy of Lufthansa Airlines.

What is Lufthansa Change Flight Policy?

You must know its flight change policy when you have to change your booking with Lufthansa. It helps you proceed in a streamlined way.

So, here are the Lufthansa Airlines change flight major points

  • Your route, fare type, and fare conditions determine your flight change.
  • You can change flights, except Economy Saver fares.
  • The ticket fares decide the flight change fee, which is between $300 and $750 per passenger.
  • Flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking online, when the departure date is 7 days or more, are free.
  • You can rebook most flights. However, a fee is charged as per your ticket fares.
  • When flying with Lufthansa, you can change your flight destination, travel class, and date. However, it depends on your ticket type.

How to Change a Lufthansa Flight?

The airline allows you to change a flight through online and offline. So, you can modify your booking as per your convenience.
Now, let’s see how you can change your flight.

Through Official Website

  • Visit
  • Select My Bookings.
  • Enter your details
    • First and last names
    • Booking code
  • Hit the Find Bookings button.
  • Your booking summary will display refundable bookings.
  • Choose the reservation that you have to change.
  • Follow the prompts and change your booking.

Alternatively, you can install the mobile app of Lufthansa on your smartphone and change your booking.

Via Phone Call

If you want to know how I can contact Lufthansa to change my flight, scroll down.

  • Dial Lufthansa change flight number, which is +1 (516) 738-4422.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • A live representative will get connected to you.
  • Request them to change your flight booking.
  • Share the following details that state your
    • First and last names
    • Contact number
    • E-mail address
    • Postal address (if required)
    • Flight number and dates of travel
    • Booking code
  • The agent will modify your booking as per your requirement.

Thereafter, the airline will send you the flight change confirmation on your email ID or through text.

Another way to change your flight offline is to visit the ticket office of Lufthansa.

Please note

For hearing impaired (TTY): Dial 711 and then 800 645 3880 for relaying to the TRS.

How Much Is The Rebooking Fee For Lufthansa Economy Light?

While you fly in Lufthansa Economy Light and have to change your flight, rebook it at $199. Fare differences are applicable.

With Economy Light, Lufthansa has introduced new fares that enable you to travel more sustainably. Pack light and cut down on baggage costs.

For those flying with a carry-on item and not looking forward to ticket flexibility, Economy Light is a value fare.

However, you can pay a fee to add one checked bag. Beverages and meals are free onboard.

Please note

You can’t change and rebook your flight for free unless your ticket fare allows for it.

What is Lufthansa Change Flight Fee?

On flights originating from the United States, the Lufthansa change flight fee ranges from $300 to $750 per traveler. Additionally, you must pay the flight fare difference between the original and new flight ticket.

Let’s look at the fee for changing or rebooking Lufthansa flights as per each travel class.

Economy Class

Take a look at the charges for different economy fares.

  • Economy Basic and Economy Basic Plus I $300
  • Economy Flex II Free

Premium Economy Class

Here is the fee for Premium Economy.

  • Premium Economy Basic, Premium Economy Basic Plus I $300
  • Premium Economy Flex Free

Business Class

For a Lufthansa business class change or rebook a flight, you have to pay

  • Business Basic and Business Basic Plus II $450
  • Business Flex Free

First Class

The First Class fee is

  • First Basic, First Basic Plus, and First Basic Plus II $450
  • First Flex Free

Please note

  • Flight change is not allowed for Economy Saver fare.
  • Economy Light fares are available only for flights originating from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to the U.S.
  • The fee is subject to change. Please contact the airline before making any changes for the updated fee of your respective travel class.

How Much is the Lufthansa Award Booking Change Fee?

After canceling your booking, you can redeposit your Miles from unused award tickets for up to 1 year from the issue date.

To rebook a flight, the airline charges you with USD 60/ EUR 50/ CHF 70.

However, Lufthansa allows you only to change the flight time and date of your booking.

Remember that you can’t

  • Change routes
  • Transfer, sell, or auction your flight awards

Please note

You can give your flight awards to your loved ones without payment and don’t even need to travel with them on the flight. However, you must make the booking for them.

Can I Change a Lufthansa Flight Without a Fee?

Yes, you are permitted to change your Lufthansa Airlines flight for free in certain circumstances. If you want to avoid the change flight fee of the airline, then follow some tips.

  • Make sure to change your flight within 24 hours of the initial booking. During this time period, each flyer can change their flights without any additional charges.
  • However, your flight must have been booked at least 7 days or more prior to the departure.
  • Moreover, you can also avail benefits of the elite status if you wish to change your flight for free. Certain Elite members are allowed to change their flight without any charges.
  • However, if the airline cancels your original flight and rebook you on the new one, you can connect with the travel experts to ask for a refund if you are not comfortable with the new flight schedule.
  • Moreover, if Lufthansa changes your booking because of weather disruption or any technical challenges, you need not pay any charges for it.

For more details, get in touch with a customer service representative of the airline.

How to Change or Postpone Your Lufthansa Booking?

For those who are looking forward to making changes rebooking their Lufthansa flight booking, the following can help

If the airline cancels your booking(s) before two days of departure

You will get an automatically rebooked flight to the same destination and travel class. Moreover, you won’t have to pay anything for it.

If the same day flight alternative is not possible, Lufthansa provides you with overnight accommodation or a share of the expenses. You also get further assistance.

You can select an alternative flight if

  • Lufthansa can’t rebook you another flight
  • An automatically booked flight does not fit into your plans.

Please note

  • Visit My Bookings of Lufthansa website, contact its customer service, or your travel agent.
  • Rebook your trip within the validity period of the ticket.
A domestic flight cancelation
  • For a domestic booking cancellation, the airline offers you a substitute transport with Deutsche Bahn in certain cases.
  • Lufthansa exchanges your domestic ticket for a rail ticket for free.

If Lufthansa cancels your booking(s) before more than three days of departure

For one or more flights that the airline cancels before 3+ days

  • You get a rebooking for free to the same destination and in the same travel class.
  • Alternatively, the airline informs you about the cancellation. You can contact the service Centre for another booking.

Please note

  • Rebook your trip within the validity period of the ticket.
  • Your Lufthansa rebook/change flight must be within one year’s date from the original departure, free of cost.

You want to rebook when Lufthansa doesn’t cancel your flight

The airline allows you to rebook most of its tickets. You might have to pay the fare difference if your next booking is more expensive than the original one. Rebook before the original travel date.

What is the Lufthansa same-day flight change policy?

With Lufthansa Airlines, you get the utmost flexibility to change or cancel your flight. You can change your scheduled flight on the same day of departure. Moreover, you are permitted to change your flight one hour prior to departure of your flight. However, there are certain important points related to the same-day flight change. Change your Lufthansa Airlines flight effortlessly after going through the following points.

  • Your new selected flight must be on the same route as per the original booking.
  • For the same-day flight change, you need to pay a certain amount to confirm the change.
  • Moreover, you can’t change your flight if you have already completed the check-in procedure.
  • Furthermore, one has to pay the fare difference in case of the Lufthansa Airline flight booking change on the same day of departure.

Keep all these points in mind, and change your flight without any hassle.

How can I reschedule my flight with Lufthansa Airlines?

Do you wish to reschedule your flight with this airline? Well, you just need to follow some quick steps on the airline’s official site. Moreover, you can connect with the agents of Lufthansa to reschedule your flight in no time. Here are the steps to reschedule your flight online.

  • Firstly, visit the Lufthansa Airlines website.
  • Look for the “My Trips” option on the homepage of the website.
  • Click on it, and enter the requested details in the given fields.
  • After that, click on the “Continue” icon to fetch the details of your current booking.
  • Choose the reservation that you want to reschedule, and click on the “Change Flight” option.
  • After that, click on the “Reschedule Flight” option and follow the prompted instructions on the screen.
  • Choose the new flight and pay the applicable fee to reschedule your flight.
  • Moreover, you will have to pay the fare difference if there is any.

Moreover, you can also select your desired seat through the “My Trips” section on the official site. However, you must check out the Lufthansa seat selection policy before changing your seat.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can relax with Lufthansa Airlines change flight feature. Simply stick to the policy that the airline has designed to change flight booking and will be good to go. Moreover, your ticket fares also play an important role in changing flights and the change fee that you have to pay.

Overall, Lufthansa gives you the freedom to choose your tickets and travel at your ease. And when it comes to flight modification, the process is quick and simple. So, do you have to change your Lufthansa flight? With the help of the guidelines above, you can do it easily.

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