Does Lufthansa Offer Student Discounts? Book Cheap Flights Now!

Lufthansa Student Discount upto30%

Are you a student who is planning to fly internationally? Well, it is really difficult to manage all your expenses if you are a student. But you can easily plan your trip at minimal fares under the Lufthansa student discount program. Under this program, students can travel from the USA to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, etc.

Lufthansa Airlines understands that students face difficulties managing their travel plans. Therefore, it offers these special discounts so that you can travel within your budget. The student discount program, GenerationFly, has been designed to help students with their travel plans.

What is GenerationFly?

GenerationFly is a student-based travel program launched by Lufthansa Airlines to help all students with affordable travel plans. Under this program, students get special discounts from the airline. If you are student, you can also get your hands on the best deals and offers to book your flight tickets at the lowest fares possible. You just have to verify your eligibility to grab these special discounts.

What is the eligibility criteria to get these special discounts?

To get the student discounts from Lufthansa Airlines, you need to prove your eligibility. Some factors determine whether you are eligible for student discounts or not.

  • To get these discounts, you must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Moreover, you can only get these discounts if you have proof of your enrollment in a university or college.

Verify your student status and fetch these discounts without any hassle. With these discounts, you can save maximum on your travel expenses. If you have doubt regarding your eligibility for student discounts, you can connect with the Lufthansa Airlines representatives. Avail yourself of their assistance, and book tickets at the cheapest fares.

What is the Lufthansa Student Discount Policy?

Ready to fly internationally to achieve your dreams? Well, you should avail benefits of the student discounts of Lufthansa to fly without burning a hole in your wallet. Moreover, the student discount is available to different destinations, making it easy for students to fulfil their travel dreams. Grab the Lufthansa flight student discount, and enjoy additional savings. However, ensure to check out your eligibility to make the most of these discounts.

Let’s take a look at the student discount policy of the airline.

  • The student discounts of Lufthansa are available on flights originating from Singapore, Mainland China, India, the USA, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, and South Korea.
  • You must know that the student fares are displayed as “Students” on the flight selection page.
  • Are you traveling from the USA? You can get these discounts on flights to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, or India.
  • Moreover, the baggage policy, rebooking policy, and refund policy may differ for student travelers. Therefore, ensure to explore these policies while booking your flight with the Lufthansa Airlines student discount.
  • Furthermore, you can’t make group bookings with student fares.
  • Student discounts can only be availed by students 16 years or above. However, they must have a valid student email address and be enrolled in a higher educational institution.
  • Moreover, students need to make sure that they comply with the entry and transit regulations of the destination they are traveling.

Check your eligibility, and get the student discounts to have an affordable trip to your destination.

How do I book Lufthansa student fares?

Do you wish to book student fares with Lufthansa Airlines? You just need to follow some simple steps on the airline’s official site to get the student discount in no time. Get the Lufthansa student offer to save the maximum on your travel expenses.

Let’s check out the steps to book student fares with Lufthansa for additional savings.

  • Firstly, visit the Lufthansa Airlines official site.
  • Now, go to the “Student Fares” page. Moreover, you can directly search for the student fares of the airline over the internet, and you will find the direct link to book these fares easily.
  • There are different pages on the airline’s official site. You must visit the page according to your preferences. For example, if you are traveling from the USA, navigate to the page that indicates “Student Fares for Travel Originating from the USA.”
  • After opening the suitable page, you will find the search engine, where you have to add your details to book Lufthansa student tickets conveniently.
  • Enter your travel class, the number of flyers, and the trip type.
  • After that, you need to add your travel destinations and preferred travel dates to find suitable flight options.
  • Now, choose “Search” to go through the list of available flights and find the suitable flight option for your journey.
  • The flights with student discounts are mentioned as “Students” on the flight selection page.
  • Sort your preferences, and pick the flight accordingly.

Follow these easy steps and book student fares without any hassle.

Can I get student discounts on the call?

Student travelers can call the Lufthansa student discount phone number to get a suitable discount from the airline. The Lufthansa agents are available throughout the day and night to help you with all your concerns. Get in touch with the airline executives, and ask about the eligibility of the student fares. Share your details with the assigned agent, and he will let you know whether you are eligible for student discounts or not.

If you are eligible for the student discount of the airline, the agent will assist you with the booking process. With his assistance, you can easily book the student fare to maximize your savings.

How much is the Lufthansa student discount?

With Lufthansa Airlines, students can save a huge amount with special student discounts. However, one needs to show a valid student ID to fetch the Lufthansa student discount from the airline. Students usually save upto 10% to 20% on their flight reservations with the student discount of the airline.

Get your hands on the student discount at the earliest if you wish to save an additional amount on your flight booking. Go to the airline’s official site or connect with Lufthansa representatives to grab these discounts.

What are the benefits of the student discounts of Lufthansa Airlines?

Ready to fetch the student discount? If you are traveling for higher studies, you should get your hands on the student discounts of the airline for maximum benefits. In addition to unlimited savings, you will get plenty of other benefits after getting a Lufthansa student discount. Some of the benefits of booking with student discounts are-

  • Great savings

One of the most important benefits of booking with the student discount of Lufthansa is excellent savings. The student discount helps you save a great amount on your expenses, and you can fly without getting harsh on your wallet.

  • Different destinations

The student discount of the airline covers different destinations. You can travel to many destinations with these discounts at reasonable fares. Choose your destination for the higher student, and book travel to it at low fares.Choose your destination for the higher student, and book the Lufthansa student ticket at low fares.

  • Utmost flexibility

Are you not sure about your travel plan? There is no need to worry because the airline allows the maximum level of flexibility when booking student fares. Students can easily change or cancel their flights if needed. However, the fare difference needs to be paid if the new flight is more expensive than the earlier one. Use your student ID to personalize your booking to your liking.

  • Free checked bags

If you book through the Lufthansa flight student discount, you can travel with two pieces of checked bags. Moreover, there is no need to pay for these bags. However, these bags should not exceed the maximum weight limit of 23 kg each. Lufthansa Airlines permits extra baggage allowance to all student travelers.

Avail all these benefits after booking student fares with the airline.

Does Lufthansa offer student discounts on all destinations?

No, the student discount from Lufthansa Airlines is available on some selected routes. You can’t book tickets with these fares to each destination. Check out the table below to know on which routes Lufthansa offers the student discount.







United Kingdom

China, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand

Hong Kong

Europe, USA, Canada






Europe, Middle East, Africa, India

Mainland China

Europe, USA


Europe, USA, Canada





If you are eligible for student fares, you can travel on these routes. Show your valid student ID, and book your flight tickets without any hassle. Get the student discount and save on your flight booking.

How much is the Lufthansa baggage allowance for students?

Are you a student who is planning to fly with Lufthansa Airlines? Well, you must be happy because the airline permits you to fly with an extra baggage allowance. All customers of the airline can fly with one small cabin bag and one personal bag. However, if you are a student, you can bring two additional pieces of checked bags for free. The maximum weight of these bags should not exceed 23 kg each.

If you are flying from the USA, you can travel with only one piece of checked bag. Moreover, students who are traveling from France to any Europe destination can travel with one piece of checked bag. However, the maximum weight of the checked bag will not exceed 23 kg.

In conclusion

Students who are looking to travel abroad for higher studies must use Lufthansa’s student discount for great benefits. The airline makes sure that all student travelers have a memorable experience when traveling with it. Book the student fares of the airline now, and achieve all your dreams.

Does Lufthansa Offer Student Discounts? Book Cheap Flights Now!