How do I Change My Existing Delta Airlines Flight?

Delta Airlines Change Flight

Do you want to change your current flight with Delta Airlines? The airline allows you to change your flight without any hassle, giving you the utmost flexibility in your travel plans. With the Delta Airlines change flight option, you can change your flight seamlessly and travel comfortably to your destination.

Delta Airlines believes in offering the flexibility one seeks in their travel plans. So book your tickets with this great airline for maximum benefits and personalize your travel experience. Below, you will find the various details related to the airline’s change flight policy.

What is the Delta Airlines flight change policy?

If you want to change your current flight with Delta, then it is essential to know certain rules. Review the comprehensive Delta Airlines flight change policy and ensure simplified travel with your favorite airline. Here are some of the important points related to the airline’s flight change policy.

  • Within 24 hours of your initial flight booking, Delta allows you to change your flight for free.
  • After this time frame, there will be an applicable flight change fee based on your fare type, route, and the time of changing flights.
  • Delta Airlines has eliminated its change fee for travel originating from the USA, the Caribbean, and Canada to anywhere in the world. However, Delta Basic Economy tickets are exceptions. These tickets are not eligible for change in most cases.
  • It is simple to change your flights through “My Trips before the flight departure. Initiate the “Delta Airline Change Flight process online easily.
  • Tickets that are neither canceled nor changed prior to departure will have no remaining value.
  • If the fare of your new flight is more expensive than the original one, you are required to pay the fare difference.
  • With Delta Airlines, you have the flexibility to change the trip location, time, and date before scheduled departure.
  • SkyMiles members are eligible for free changes at any time before their departure.

So, you can change your flight effortlessly with Delta Airlines. But you may have to pay a Delta Airlines fee to change a flight depending on certain criteria.

How can I change my flight with Delta Airlines?

If you want to change your existing Delta flight, you can either visit the official site or call the agents. This great airline permits you to initiate the flight change process without any additional effort. Let’s check out the series of steps you need to follow to change your flight hassle-free.

Online method

If you are looking for the easiest way to change your current flight, then go to the airline’s official website. The online method is really popular among passengers to apply all the changes they need to their bookings. Here is the procedure to begin the Delta Airlines change flight date process.

  • Click Delta Airlines official site.
  • Choose “My Trips.
  • Enter your confirmation number or ticket number.
  • Provide your first and last name.
  • Click on the “Submit icon.
  • Select the flight you wish to change.
  • Click on the “Change Flight option.
  • Enter new details, and choose a new flight.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Pay the required change fee or fare difference.
  • Confirm the flight change.

Travelers can also rely on the airline’s mobile app to change their flights online. Installing the app is simple and quick.

Offline method

If you are unable to change your flight online, call Delta Airlines change flight phone number for immediate assistance. The experts will help you adjust your travel plan to your liking.

  • Dial the Delta Airlines phone number, 00 1 800-221-1212.
  • First of all, choose your preferred language to interact with airline agents.
  • Listen to the main menu.
  • Select the suitable prompt.
  • Connect with Delta Airlines representatives.
  • Share your confirmation number and other needed details.
  • Explain the changes you want.
  • Provide the details of your new travel priorities.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Ask for the payment link if there is an applicable fee.
  • Pay the needed amount.
  • Confirm the flight change in no time.

Once you make the required payment for the flight change, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline. Keep the information safe for future reference.

How much does Delta charge to change a flight date?

As mentioned, Delta Airlines has eliminated its flight change fee on most of the fares. However, non-refundable tickets and Basic Economy tickets will have to pay a specific fee to change their flights. The flight change fee generally depends upon your fare type, origin location, and travel route.

Look at the table below for a better understanding of Delta Airlines flight change fee. Here we go!

Time Period

Basic Economy Tickets

Non-Refundable Tickets

Refundable Tickets

During 24-Hour Risk-Free Period

Fare Difference

Price Difference

Fare Difference

After 24-Hour Risk-Free Period

Not Permitted*


Change Fee

+ Fare Difference

Fare Difference

Within 24 Hours of Flight Departure

Not Permitted*

From $75 when


From $75 when


Guests with Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for a flight change generally. However, some tickets can be changed for a change fee of up to $200 if tickets are originating from Africa, Europe, and other international markets. Dial Delta Airlines flight change number to know the exact cost to change your flight seamlessly.

Can I change my Delta Airlines flight for free?

Yes, you can easily change your Delta Airlines flight for free, as the airline has already eliminated the flight change fee on most of its fares. The airline has launched the “Peace of Mind Waiver. which simply means that there will be no change or cancellation fee if you purchase Main Cabin or above tickets on flights from the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. For flights outside these regions, there will be a change fee based on the type of ticket and origin location. Please note that passengers will always have to pay the fare difference.

Flyers can always change their flights for free within 24 hours of their original booking, regardless of their ticket type.

Does Delta Airlines allow you to change Award Flights?

Yes, it does. SkyMiles Members can change their flights at any time without any fees for Award travel within the USA (Including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico). Additionally, there is no change fee for travel originating in Canada and the United States. If you have booked an award travel, you become eligible to change your flight whenever you want.

To change your awards flight, go to the “My Trips section on the official site. Enter your details, and choose new flights. Pay the fare difference to confirm the flight change without any additional effort.

Can I change my Delta flight on the same day of departure?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows you to change your flight on the same day of departure. The same-day change on Delta is subject to availability. You can initiate the Delta Airlines change flight process on the same day through the airline’s official site or mobile app.

When you change your flight on the day of your departure, you have two options: same-day standby and same-day confirmed. For same-day confirmed change, you will have to pay $75 as an additional fee, but you will get a confirmed seat on another flight. If you opt for the standby option, you have to wait on the standby list for an earlier flight.

Passengers can opt for the same-day change if their flight is operating within the United States, the US Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. Same-day flight changes are not available for international travel. Connect with the Delta Airlines agents for more details regarding the same-day flight change.

Wrapping up

If you want to change your flight with Delta, make sure to review the mentioned points carefully. Delta gives you the flexibility to customize your travel plan to your requirements and have a simplified travel experience. Use the Delta Airlines change flight option to change your flight easily and embark on an unforgettable adventure with this excellent airline.

How do I Change My Existing Delta Airlines Flight?