Book Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages for a Great Trip

Do you wish to go on a memorable vacation but are clueless about everything? Worry not just contact Southwest Airlines for its vacation packages, and get ready to fulfill all your travel expectations. You will find plenty of Southwest Airlines vacation packages you must book your favorite one.

These packages are designed to take you closer to your next dream vacation. From family-friendly vacation packages to honeymoon vacation packages, Southwest covers all your needs. Book flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, etc easily through these packages.

Wish to discover more about these vacation packages? Go through the following blog for all the required information.

What are Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages?

Southwest Airlines has its leisure vacation package product, which is Southwest Vacations. With this product, you can not only travel all over the world but also explore your chosen destinations. And Southwest has come up with its vacation packages to make your holidaying even more convenient.

With Southwest airlines vacations packages, you can book –

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Activities/Sightseeing

You can add much more to extras. Check with the airline to know about it.

By doing so, you will be able to cut down your travel costs. At the same time, you can book your complete holiday in just one shot. Simply search and book.

To further ease your vacation, Southwest has introduced all-inclusive packages. Now, let’s take a glance at what these packages bring you.

What are Southwest All-inclusive Vacation Packages?

As the name suggests, all-inclusive packages provide you with most of your holiday requirements. It includes sightseeing, meals, activities, and more; all bundled in one package.

So, with Southwest all inclusive vacations you can enjoy flights, accommodation, transfers, meals, and entertainment. With every all-inclusive holiday package, you get mostly the same things. However, it also depends on the destination that you have chosen.

However, all-inclusive packages help you save money and time, while shaping up your vacation the way you want.

How to Book Southwest Vacations Packages Online?

You liked the concept of a vacation package by Southwest. And now, you want to book one. So, here are the simple steps to help you grab your holiday package to your much-loved destination.

Let’s begin with booking process of Southwest Airlines vacation packages –

Pick a hotel

  • Go to the home page of Southwest Vacation.
  • A search form appears.
  • Select Hotel + Flight.
  • Enter the following details –
    • Departure and arrival destinations
    • Travel dates
    • The number of passengers.
  • Click – The best packages deal.
  • A new window opens, guiding you with prompts.
  • Select the preferred hotel and the room.

And you are done with half of the process.

Select a flight

  • To book a Southwest flight, choose from the flight options.
  • View flight details.
  • Click on the select option to book Southwest airlines package vacations.
  • Go through the chosen hotel and flight.
  • If you want extra services, add those (pay additional).

Your package booking process is complete.

The other way is to book your package with the help of a customer service representative. Simply dial 18004359792, share your details required for the booking, and you will get your package booked.

What is Southwest Vacations Cancellation Policy?

While you are planning to go with a Southwest vacation package, it is good to have an idea of its cancellation policy, if you need to do so.

Cancelation Fee

You need not pay any cancellation or change fees for your vacation package’s air part. Southwest Vacations apply the reusable airfare value to the new one on the changed booking.
Let’s take a look at the major features of Southwest vacations cancellation policy.

Travel Protection

  • It is good to purchase Travel Protection to cover your hotel charges for cancellation or change.
  • Travel Protection payments are non transferable and non refundable.
  • Pre-Departure Penalty Waiver doesn’t cover the non refundable hotels.
Cancellations without Travel Protection
  • On your vacation cancellation, you get travel credits for the amount due on air-inclusive vacations.
  • Land-only bookings refund and contracted group bookings are in the original payment mode. cancellation penalties are deducted from travel credit.
Cancellations with Travel Protection
  • If you cancel your Southwest airlines vacations, your fees will be waived.
  • You will get the amount due (minus the travel protection premium) as –
    • Travel credit if you choose the full travel credit option or
    • Original payment form if you have selected the cash refund option.

Refund and No-show

  • You can claim a refund in limited cases. It is subject to penalties and fees.
  • Inform about your cancellations and/or changes to Southwest Vacations within 10 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure. It helps you save funds from being forfeited because of No Show.
  • Inform the airline about your change within the 24-hour window. For this, simply call the 24/7 helpline at 18004359792.
  • If you cancel your Southwest airlines booking of flight tickets after declining Travel Protection, the amount will be given as a travel credit from Southwest Vacations (after deducting the penalties).

Travel Credits

  • Your travel credits are –
    • Valid for 395 days, starting from your original date of departure
    • Nonrefundable
    • Non-transferable
    • Issued in the names of a passenger (18+ years old) on the original reservation
  • If you make a new booking for a Southwest airlines vacation package with your travel credit, standard change and canceling policies apply to it.

As this cancellation policy is simple and customer-oriented, consider any plan change or cancellation if there is a drop in the rates. You can go for a rebooking with your travel funds, refund, or points.

Which Destinations Do Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages Cover?

These packages include several destinations where you can go for a holiday. You can get well-designed packages to a chosen destination while saving big.

For instance, Southwest airlines vacation packages to Las Vegas offer you some great holiday deals. You can get these deals on hotels, flights, and attractions around the United States. These vacation deals suit your style, fit your budget, and help you –

  • Earn 600 reward points per room
  • Save up to 35%
  • Get special reduced rates

Let’s see some of the destinations where Southwest holiday packages take you –

  • New York
  • Oahu
  • Jamaica
  • New Orleans
  • Walt Disney World resort
  • Costa Mujeres
  • Hawaii
  • Riviera Maya
  • Maui
  • Cuba
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Orlando
  • Punta Cana
  • Phoenix

How Can I Save Money with Southwest Vacation Packages?

You can easily save a good amount on your trips with vacation packages by Southwest. If you want to get detailed information about it, count on the efficient Southwest vacations customer service. However, for your convenience, here are smart tips to save money with these packages –

EarlyBird Check-In

Opt for an early check-in before the usual 24 hours. For this, buy EarlyBird Check-In when you are booking a vacation package. This helps you select seats and get early access to overhead storage.

Go for Southwest Vacation Deals

To save a big amount on your holiday, count on Southwest Vacation Deals. Available on the official website, these deals keep changing, so keep an eye. There are certain promo codes as well that help you cut the holiday costs in various ways.

Here, you can also go for a Southwest vacations promo code, like ALL100OFF when you book a flight + hotel package to any destination (U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, and Hawaii).

So, with Southwest Vacations, you can cut the expenses incurred on all-inclusive resort vacations etc. Just use promo codes for your favorite destinations such as Las Vegas, Mexico, Jamaica, Cancun, Disney, and Orlando.

Select promo codes from the official website and grab great deals on your vacation packages.

Therefore, when you opt for Southwest Airlines vacation packages, you have chosen a thoughtfully created holiday for an experience to cherish. You can easily get it customized as you like. All you have to do is to pick your dream destination and let Southwest Vacations know about it.

Sounds great! Isn’t it? So, whenever you have a trip on your mind, look no further than Southwest. It is now larger than just airlines.

It is now your go-to place for an escape.

To know more, call 1-800-435-9792, the Southwest vacations phone number where an efficient customer representative will resolve your queries and concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a vacation on Southwest?

To book a vacation package with Southwest Airlines, you must go to its official site. Additionally, you can contact the airline to book your desired package.

Does Southwest Vacations offer cruises?

Yes, Southwest does offer magical Disney cruise vacations. The blend of Southwest and Disney Cruise will take you into the surreal world.

Can I get deals on Southwest Airlines vacation packages?

Southwest Airlines offers an array of deals on its vacation packages so that you can fly without wrecking your pocket.

What are the hours of Southwest Vacations?

You can contact Southwest Vacations 24*7 to book your favorite vacation package in a go.

Can I also book activities with Southwest?

Yes, one can easily book their favorite activities if they are booking Southwest Vacations.

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