What is American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fee?


Is your little one traveling alone with American Airlines? You must be worried to the core. Well, to ease the worries of all parents, the airline has devised a simple policy known as American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Moreover,
this comprehensive policy is easy to understand, and children will fly pleasantly to their destinations. AA is an incredible airline that knows that little flyers need extra care on the flight. Therefore, it warmly welcomes them and takes good care of them throughout the journey. To learn about this policy in detail, scroll down.

What is American Airlines Minor Policy for the Unaccompanied Passengers?

Constantly striving to provide the best to its passengers, AA has come up with various policies, facilities and services. One of these is the AA UNMR Policy that is devised to keep the little passengers safe onboard, should they travel alone. Here is the overview of this policy –

  • Kids who are between 5 years to 14 years of age are considered minors to travel with AA flights.
  • Traveling with the airline’s assistance is optional for those who are between 15 years to 17 years. You can request the services but it will be provided for a fee.
  • An adult must be there to receive the unaccompanied minor. However, they must have a valid photo Id as per the documents shared during the kid’s ticket booking.
  • Kids are not allowed on flights that operate overnight.

What are the Restrictions by American Airlines Minor Policy?

It is imperative to have a clear understanding of the age criteria and flight restrictions before booking an AA flight ticket for your kid. Let’s have a look at these restrictions as per American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy –

0 to 4 years

  • Not allowed onboard alone

5 to 7 years

  • Allowed only on non-stop flights
  • Gate escort and parent/guardian contact mandatory
  • Need Unaccompanied minor service

8 to 14 years

  • Unaccompanied minor service required
  • A guardian contact and a gate escort needed
  • Allowed on non-stop or connecting flights that travel via –
    • New York, NY (JFK and LGA)
    • Washington Reagan, D.C. (DCA)
    • Charlotte, NC (CLT)
    • Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
    • Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
    • Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
    • Chicago, IL (ORD)
    • Miami, FL (MIA)
    • Dallas Fort Worth, TX (DFW)

15 to 17 years

  • You can avail of the UNMR Policy optionally, however it comes with a fee.
  • As per the American Airlines Minor Policy, the following are a must –
    • Guardian’s contact information
    • Gate escort
  • UNMR between this age group can board on nonstop flights, or any connecting flight via –
  • Charlotte, NC (CLT)
  • Washington Reagan, D.C. (DCA)
  • Dallas Fort Worth, TX (DFW)
  • New York, NY (JFK and LGA)
  • Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
  • Miami, FL (MIA)
  • Chicago, IL (ORD)
  • Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
  • Phoenix, AZ (PHX)

Please note that kids who are 2 years to 14 years old can board an AA flight as unaccompanied minors if someone of 16 years or more accompanies them. Kids can’t fly unaccompanied if their trip includes any of the following –

  • Overnight connecting flights that fly overnight
  • Last flight of the day from the route’s last connecting city. If it is the only flight, in that case, your unaccompanied minor is allowed on it.
  • Ground or co-terminal connections where the unaccompanied minor must transfer from one local airport to another.
  • Flights on another airline that include codeshare and Oneworld partners

To know more about American Airlines Age Policy, call a customer service representative at 800-433-7300.

How To Book an Unaccompanied Minor Ticket on American Airlines?

You are all set to send your kid in the security of AA and are here to know about the ticket booking process. So, here are the ways to make your booking easily –

Online Booking

American Airlines Online Booking-Flightyo

  • Visit the American Airlines official website/ the app.
  • Select the departure and arrival dates and destinations.
  • Choose a flight.
  • Mention the minor’s details.
  • Complete the payment.

You have to fill an unaccompanied minor form. Once completed, your booking is done in accordance with the American Airlines Minor Policy. Please note: AAdvantage Web Special awards can be redeemed only online.

Offline Booking

American Airlines Offline Booking- Flightyo

  • Dial 800-433-7300 and get connected to a customer service representative.
  • Ask the representative to make the booking for your kid.
  • He/she will fill the form for you.
  • Pay the amount required.

What is American Airline Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

AA charges a standard fee for every unaccompanied minor. Get an idea of the same in the points below –

  • The cost of the ticket depends on the type of booking you have selected.
  • The American Airline unaccompanied minor fee is $150 one-way.
  • If two or more kids of the same family are traveling on a flight, service fee will not be charged for each kid separately. Pay it only for one kid.

Therefore, if your kid will be traveling with AA, you need not worry. The airline takes care of your kid in the best way possible. And your kid is assisted at every step of his/her journey with AA. From staying entertained to having meals and above all, being safe; your kid is always covered in the security of the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can a child fly alone on American Airlines?

Children between 5 and 14 years can travel alone on American Airlines flights. However, they have to book through the unaccompanied minor policy.

What ID is required for minors traveling alone on American Airlines?

Parents or guardians of children need to provide certain documents at check-in to confirm travel for their kids. They need to submit the following documents.

  • Child’s age proof, such as their passport or birth certificate
  • The government-issued photo ID of the adult comes to drop off the child
  • The adult’s phone number
  • The address, name, and phone number of the adult coming to meet your child at the destination airport.

How can I book the unaccompanied minor service for my kid?

Get in touch with American Airlines representatives to book unaccompanied minor services for your child. Provide the needed details of your child, and let them fly safely with American Airlines.

What is the American Airlines unaccompanied minor fee?

American Airlines charges $150 as an unaccompanied minor fee. This is the extra fee in addition to the flight fares. Moreover, this fee covers the siblings traveling on the same flight.

Can a 12 year old get on a plane alone?

Yes, American Airlines allows kids of 12 years of age to travel alone on the flight. You just have to book through the AA unaccompanied minor program to ensure a safe journey for your child.

What if my child’s connecting flight is delayed?

American Airlines will inform the contacts mentioned in the unaccompanied minor form about the flight delay. Moreover, the airline will arrange the next flight for your kid if their connecting flight is missed due to the flight delay or cancelation.

Can my child access the unaccompanied minor lounges?

If your child has a connection flight, and AA has an unaccompanied minor lounge at the particular airport, then your kid can definitely access the lounge. At these lounges, your child can play games and wait for their connecting flights. One of the AA personnel will always be there to monitor your child.

What is American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fee?