Flight Cancelled Or Delayed Due To Bad Weather


Winters Are Here, And So Are Flight Cancelations Or Delays!

Ice, snow, storm, and frigid temperatures – this is what we keep hearing nowadays. With this, there comes the possibility of flight delays and cancelations. Is your flight cancelled or delayed due to bad weather? If yes, then you are not alone. Many passengers have been facing the wrath of bad weather conditions. Many countries have been experiencing snowfall and storms, and it is a fresh reminder of the inevitable problems with flights.

Flight cancelations or delays are constant in the world of the aviation industry, and it is happening again. Winter is here, and it is leading to hundreds of cancelations and delays. You might experience a flight delay or cancelation due to the bad weather. If your flight is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather, read this blog.

What are the most common weather-related problems when flying?

Bad weather conditions can completely ruin your plan. Following are some of the reasons that can cause your flight to be canceled or delayed.

  • Snowfall
  • Storms
  • Strong winds
  • Fog: low visibility
  • Aircraft struck by lightning
  • Intense rainfall
  • Cyclones
  • Hurricanes
  • Thunderstorms
  • Gusts of wind
  • De-icing problem on take-off or landing runways
  • Other natural disasters

Try to be aware in advance, and avoid making flight bookings in winter. It will help you avoid flight cancelation or delay. Moreover, for any flight cancelled or delayed, contact the concerned department of the airline.

Can I claim a refund upon the flight cancelation?

According to federal law, you are not eligible for a refund if your flight is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather conditions. Federal law gives a set of circumstances to airlines for which they need to refund the airline. And flight cancelation or delays because of bad weather don’t come under that situation. Weather conditions come under “extraordinary circumstances,” and the airline will not offer any refund for it. However, if the airline cancels or overbooks your flight, you can easily claim your refund. Moreover, sometimes you can get extra compensation.

If we leave aside the topic of compensation, the airline is obliged to offer a suitable replacement for your canceled or delayed flight. It will try to rebook you on the next available flight.

What are my rights if my flight is affected by bad weather conditions?

Are you feeling stranded because of the “flight cancelled or delayed” situation? Fret not because you have some rights. Regardless of the refund eligibility, you will get care and assistance from the airline. If the airline cancels or delays your flight, you have the following rights.

  • Make sure to get in touch with the airline agents immediately. Sometimes, airlines give some coupons or vouchers as compensation.
  • If you are at the airport, use the complimentary food and drinks.
  • The airline will give you hotel accommodations if you are stranded at the airport.
  • Moreover, it will transport you to the hotel.

What to do if your flight is delayed or canceled?

If your flight is canceled or delayed, you need to be aware. Stay calm and know your options. The airline will not offer any refund for flight delays or cancelation due to severe weather conditions. However, you may get a refund for any flight cancelled or delayed in some specific cases.

  • Talk to the travel agent

Go to the airline agent at the airport, and know about your options. Ask him if you can confirm your booking on the next available flight. If your chosen airline doesn’t have a seat for you, the agent may book you on another air carrier’s flight.

  • Ask about the compensation

If it has been several hours at the airport, you can ask for a refund from the airline agent. However, you may not get compensation, but you can receive some vouchers or coupons after negotiation. Additionally, some airlines also offer refreshments and overnight accommodations.

In conclusion

You should know your rights if your flight is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather conditions. Read the information mentioned above and get the extra amenities if eligible.

Flight Cancelled Or Delayed Due To Bad Weather
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